Good Kung Fu movies are hard to come by these days, but here are ten of the best American Kung Fu movies that you can watch over and over again. When it comes to Kung Fu movies they tend to lack good acting or good Kung Fu, but these movies have found a way to strike a watchable balance.

  1. "Mortal Combat" Even if you only watched it because you were a fan of the video game, the movie is guaranteed to get you hooked. It may have been before the time of CGI but "Mortal Combat" had some great fight scenes and some beloved characters making it one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies.

  2. "Fist of Legend" Based of the life story of Chen Zhen, a student of Huo Yuanjia and his attempts to avenge Huo’s murder. This movie is similar to Bruce Lee’s “Fist of Legend” about the same incident but with a different plot. Li went on to play Huo Yuanjia himself in “Fearless”.

  3. "Drunken Master" Starring Jackie Chan. Is anything else needed? As always Jackie Chan delivers. There’s not much blood but there’s plenty of fighting and fun. Not to mention a decent plot and acting for a Fung Fu movie. All of this makes it one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies.

  4. "Enter the Dragon" A classic Bruce Lee stunner. He played a martial artist asked to spy on a crime lord during a deadly martial arts tournament and at the same time he has to make sure two other contestants survive. Easily one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies.

  5. "The One" A twisted Sci Fi Kung Fu movie. What doesn’t sound cool about that? Jet Li playing a Sheriff’s deputy that must battle an evil alternate version of himself that’s killing off other alternate Jet Li’s to grow stronger is an awesome concept that was made into an excellent movie. Easily one of the best American Kung Fu movies.

  6. "Ip Man" Staring Donnie Yen, “Ip Man” is the story of Grandmaster Martial Artist Yip Man. He was the first martial artist to practice the art of Wing Chun and was also the real life mentor of the legendary Bruce Lee. Definitely one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies and a must have for any fan of martial arts.

  7. "Ong Bak" The newest Kung Fu star to grace Americans big screen, Tony Jaa has quickly become one of the most popular. These movies introduced the martial arts phenomenon Muey Thai and quickly became some of the best American Kung Fu movies.

  8. "Unleashed" This movie had an interesting premises that is either extraordinarily rare or never seen before. Jet Li plays a man raised as a dog that manages to escape his evil master and in taken in by a good man, Morgan Freeman. Jet Li must fight for his life against his evil master who wants him back due to his unnatural martial arts skill. By far one of the most moving and best American Kung Fu movies.

  9. "The Karate Kid" Granted this movie wasn’t so much about fighting as it was about growing up and learning to value yourself and others. This movie is a classic because it showed the value of martial arts outside the arena but still had some great fight scenes and it was just down right fun. Easily one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies.

  10. " Fearless" The story of the single greatest and most famous fighter in China during the 20th century, “Fearless” is the story of Huo Yuanjia. Huo was the son of a great fighter and fought his way up from the ground, teaching himself how to fight when his father did not want him to follow in his footsteps. Huo becomes the greatest martial arts master in all of China until his pride leads to a match that kills another martial artist. It takes Huo years to recover and he wanders the country until a small village takes him in. It’s a moving and triumphant story and one of the ten best American Kung Fu movies.  

-Rachel Fischer