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What constitutes where Latin movies come from varies from person to person. For some, it encompasses all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. For others, it’s Central and South America. For others, it’s one or the other. For us, we’re it’s both Central and South America. Moving on. Ever seen any Brazilian or Argentine films? Well, after perusing the best-of and top ten lists on Screen Junkies you’ll be scrambling to. For the impatient, here’s a headstart:”The Secret In Their Eyes” and “City of God.” See them.

Latin-American Movie Stars
Saturday, March 26 by Jason Cuthbert

These Latin-American movies stars have added more than just cultural diversity to the world of cinema; they have provided true talent and award-winning performances. They collectively represent the Latin-American countries…

Famous Latin American Movies About Historical Events
Thursday, March 24 by JAY BONMON

There are many famous Latin American movies about historical events. Here are a couple of famous Latin American movies. "Before Night Falls" is a beautiful and breathtaking look at the life…

Latino Culture Movies
Sunday, March 20 by Jason Cuthbert

With a vast amount of Spanish-speaking countries, there is an extensive number of Latino culture movies. These vibrant people have many rich traditions to be proud of and many of…

Latino Movies In English
Sunday, March 20 by Ed Mulero

Latino movies in English open audiences to the culture and lives through the stories and characters that play out on screen. Latinos in the movies represent a different aspect of…

10 Best South American Movies
Monday, March 14 by Annette Smith

These 10 best South American movies play a significant role in the region’s culture. South American cinema is one of the most important in the Spanish-speaking world. These notable films…

10 Best Latin American Movies
Wednesday, February 2 by Shawn Lealos

The best Latin American movies approach the subjects of politics and poverty in the various Latin American countries. Whether it is a historical figure such as Che Guevara or a…

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