Get a little glimpse at history and horror with these Latin period movies. A good period piece is really difficult to pull off; if you’re working with real life events you have to make sure that the costumes and the sets are as accurate as possible. After all no one is going to buy into a period movie with bad costumes. Even if the subject of your movie is a fictionalized event, you need to take sure that the costumes and the sets are true to the era of the film to add an air of believability to the film. These are just a few of the things that make a period movie hard. The Latino period movies that made this list are all able to nai the spirit of the times that they depict so well that they can make you feel like you’re transported to another world.

  1. “The Sea Inside” (2004)-Taking place over the span of thirty years, this Latino period movie details the life and trials of Ramon Sampedro. After an accident makes his a quadriplegic Ramon spent the next thirty years of his life fight for humane euthanasia and his own right to die. After thirty long years, Roman finally ended his own life in 1998.

  2. “The Devils Backbone” (2001)- Set in 1939, three years after the Spanish Civil War had ended, this Latino period movie takes a different spin on the period movie. At its core this movie is about the kids who live in a haunted orphanage. But around the edges it’s a look at how this bloody civil war damaged the children and the people of Spain.

  3. “Innocent Voices” (2004)-Based on the real life events that surrounded writer/director Luis Mandoki, this Latino period movie centers on Luis’ attempts to have a normal life in war torn El Salvador. Set in the 1980s, Luis’ mother does everything she can to keep her son out of harms way as war rips through the country around them. But as he gets older the pressure to either join the army, ally himself with guerrilla fighters or find a way to live a normal life is a choice Luis will have to make on his own.

  4. “Mad Love” (2001)-Going all the way back to the by gone days of 1504 this Latino period movie looks at the events that changed Juana Queen of Spain into Juana the Mad. After the death of her mother Queen Isabella of Spain, Juana marries and falls madly in love with the Archduke Fernando of Austria. What starts out as a match as a match made in heaven quickly deteriorates when Juana finds out about her husbands many other women Knowing about her husbands lovers slowly drives Juana mad and Fernando uses the situation to have himself crowned king. Punctuated by amazing costumes is an interesting look at a much looked after portion of history.

  5. “Stranded: I’ve Come from the Plane that Crashed on the Mountain” (2007)-Using a combination of re-enactment and interviews with the remaining survivors this Latino period movie looks at the 1972 plane crash that left a group of Uruguayan rugby players stranded in the Andes and how they managed to survive. The combination of re-enactment and interviews makes this movie fascinating, but that same combination makes it gut churning with decisions we all hope we never have to make.