Latino movies in English open audiences to the culture and lives through the stories and characters that play out on screen. Latinos in the movies represent a different aspect of American life. These Latino movies in English also showcase the compelling drama many face throughout all walks of life within the community. The best Latino movies in English mix life, love, happiness and humor into a cohesive narrative where audiences relate and follow to the eventual end credits. Latino movies in English explore the full spectrum of a culture that has become part on the American melting pot.

  1. "Real Women Have Curves" (2002). A first-generation Latino living in East Los Angeles begins her journey into womanhood. Ana plans to go to college, but her parents believe she should start working and help provide for the family.

  2. "My Family" (1995). An engaging Latino movie spans three generations of life, love and loss and the bonds of family that hold them together. Their story is one of triumph as the family works to overcome each of their struggles. 

  3. "La Bamba" (1987). The movie follows the true life of one of the first Latinos to break into rock 'n roll music, Ritchie Valens. The story follows his rise from obscurity to his tragic death in a plane crash at such a young age. 

  4. "Stand & Deliver" (1988). A math teacher works in a troubled school in the Latino community to help wayward students. This success story documents how he took castaways of the school system and made them one of the tops in the nation for algebra and calculus.

  5. "Scarface" (1983). The Latino version of "The Godfather" tells the story of an immigrant who rises to power in Florida drug scene. Tony Montana's climb to the top and eventual fall is a classical morality tale about the pitfalls of crime.