Latino history movies in English explores the long and multi-faceted culture throughout the eras and brings their stories to non-Spanish speaking audiences. Movies in English about Latino history also help to display the many rich lives and figures of the past for people not familiar with their stories. History has always been an excellent subject movies to present to English-speaking people, especially ones who want to learn a bit about Latino lives in various passages of time. Latino filmmakers work hard to bring the cultural history of their people to the movies in order to deliver these stories to life in English. Latino history movies in English are a testament to the many people throughout the ages who helped shape the present world today.

  1. "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself." Antonio Banderas stars as the famed Mexican revolutionary who contested the military-run government. Pancho Villa is struggling to finance his war against the regime so he makes a deal with Hollywood to film the battles and his life. The movie crew witnesses the good and bad behind the peasant revolution and the man behind the cause.

  2. "Romero." Raul Julia plays real life Bishop Oscar Romero who spoke out against the history of oppression from the government of El Salvador. His actions and words cause many of the churches to close and harassment of local priests. Despite their best efforts, Bishop Romero continued his plea for change until his eventual assassination in March 1980.

  3. "Frida." Salma Hayek's passionate project brings the famous painter Frida Kahlo's life history to the big screen. The movie follows her struggles from a crippling injury to express her artistic vision to her relationships with famed artist Diego Rivera, Marxist Leon Trotsky and various women. Frida Kahlo left a striking impression in the art world with her complex and enthralling life story. 

  4. "The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca." A journalist named Ricardo, Esai Morales, sets out to investigate the famed poet and activist, Federico Garcia Lorca portrayed by Andy Garcia. The movie's backdrop takes place in the tumultuous history of the Spanish Civil War during the 1930's and the poet's influence for the Spanish people as well as the new regime. The movie was based on two books by Ian Gibson about Federico Garcia Lorca's life and mysterious death by the hands of the government who opposed his influential stature. 

  5. "The Mission." Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons play Spanish Jesuits in the 18th century who trek through the South American jungle. The men both struggle to build the mission to convert the indigenous people to Christianity. Their missionary work becomes threatened when Spain sells the land to Portugal who look to enslave the native people.  

-Eduardo Camacho