Latino genealogical movies are a popular sub-genre of cinema as Latinos are known to have larger families and are very close to everyone within those families. So there have been a number of Latino genealogical movies made to see how these families work, what their dynamic is and how they tend to define Latino culture. Whether these films are all accurate should be taken on a case by case basis but by watching all of these Latino Genealogical movies, viewers may have a better understanding of how the Latino family structure and, in turn, how the Latino culture operates.

  1. "Mi Familia" This film may be the quintessential Latino genealogical movie, as it traces three different generations of a Hispanic immigrant family's tough times and great times. A symbolic, funny and moving portrait of Latino genealogy and family connections. 

  2. "Tortilla Soup." A lighter-hearted Latino genealogical movie, "Tortilla Soup" tells the story of a Latino chef who has three adult daughters and how they interact. They try to help him find love again in his life, while observing how his parenting has shaped them as Latin women. A more current and simple Latino genealogical movie.

  3. "Blood In, Blood Out" A violent film about brothers in a Mexican gang in Los Angeles is a rougher Latino genealogical film which takes a Hollywood approach to why men from Latino families join gangs in the first place. This film is higher budget then most of the Latino genealogical films on this list, but that is also due to the fact that it was made to appeal to a broader audience.

  4. "Like Water for Chocolate" A critically acclaimed foreign film about two people who fall in love during the Mexican revolution. However, due to Latino genealogical traditions in which the oldest daughter in the family must be married first, they cannot get married, setting up the impending tragedy in the movie. One of the most well-reviewed Latino genealogical movies ever made.

  5. "Nothing Like the Holidays" A Latino family must get along over the holidays in a neighborhood outside Chicago in this Christmas comedy, as it may be their last Christmas with all of them together, for a variety of different reasons. This is a Latino genealogical movie for middle class Latinos living in America.