Latin teen movies appeal to Hispanic teenage audiences more than other teen movies, as these films have main characters of Latin descent who are often the heroes. These Latin teen movies range in genre from dramas to comedies, with story lines that are universal for all races, be they Latin or otherwise, as well as story lines that are specific to Latin teens. Most of these movies are acceptable for a Latin teen to watch without parental supervision, though there are some that might necessitate conversation after viewing.

  1. "Crazy / Beautiful." Starring attractive and talented actress Kirsten Dunst and handsome, athletic Latin actor Jay Hernandez, "Crazy / Beautiful" tells the story of an emotionally disturbed, white schoolgirl who falls for a poor, athletic Latino guy in high school. This film is emotionally charged and is something that all teens, regardless of race, can identify with.

  2. "Mi Vida Loca." This hit independent film from director Allison Anders tells the emotional tale of Latin girls living in the rough Hispanic neighborhoods of Los Angeles. An intense and slightly violent movie about Latin teens who grow up in bad situations may be an important film for Latin teens to watch.

  3. "Nacho Libre." The slightly funny comedy from Jared Hess, the director of "Napoleon Dynamite," tells the story of a monk who decides to be a Mexican wrestler. This lighter-hearted fare stars Jack Black and is an enjoyable film for Latin teens to watch with their families.

  4. "Machete." Cartoonishly violent but fun for teenagers, "Machete" is the action film from Mexican directors, Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis. It tells the story of an ex-Federale, played by Danny Trejo, who launches a revenge campaign against the people who hired him.

  5. "Real Women Have Curves." This Latin film is not directed at teens but is a movie every Latin teen girl should see, as it will make them appreciate their heritage as well as their bodies. Due to this important message, this is one of the more important Latin teen films out there.

  6. "High School Musical." The first of the franchise that inspired fun teenage oriented musicals, "High School Musical" stars Vanessa Hudgens as the Latin teenager Gabriella Montez, becoming a perfect heroine for Latin girls and an object of desire for Latin guys (and everyone else of every other race, for that matter).