These Latin dance movies display the hot, sultry art form at its zenith that allures so many fans who appreciate its style and grace. Dance has been a focal point in many movies, but nothing gets the blood pumping than a little Latin infusion. Movies about Latin dance show the complex nature of the art form and how its practitioners have made a life doing so. Latin dance movies captur the spirit and fire of the movements and how this passion can lead to intimate closeness between both partners on the floor. The celebration of Latin dance in movies helps to bring the wonders and beauty of the art form to many audiences worldwide that respect the technical aspects on display. 

  1. "Lambada" (1990). A Beverly Hills math teacher leads a secret life at night unbeknownst to his students and school administration. He uses his dance skills in the Latin dance of the Lambada to earn his students trust and help teach them academics.

  2. "Dance with Me" (1998). A Cuban man sets out to meet his father in Houston whom he has never met after burying his mother. At his father's dance studio, he encounters Ruby, a talented dancer in her own right, and both begin a journey to the World Open Dance Championship and love.

  3. "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" (2004). In 1958 Cuba, a young waiter meets with an American girl and the two become dance partners. They begin to fall in love while preparing for the Latin Ballroom Contest with looming revolution on the horizon.

  4. "Assassination Tango" (2002). Robert Duvall directs and stars in this movie about a hit man who travels to Latin America to kill a known general. Due to an unexpected delay, he wanders the streets and uncovers a beautiful dancer who teaches him the art of the Tango.

  5. "Strictly Ballroom" (1992). An Australian ballroom dancer's unique style causes him to lose his partner and a chance to win the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Dancing Contest. He meets with Fran who's Spanish gypsy family allows him to learn the Latin style of "pasodoble" into their routine.