If you are looking for highly entertaining Latino movies in English, consider these five Latin American movies in English. You will find ambitious Latinos adapting to life in America and abroad. With everything from romance to action adventures, these particular Latino movies that are predominately in the English language are worth your time.

  1. "Scarface" The legendary Italian-American actor Al Pacino plays a Cuban refugee named Tony Montana who lands in Miami - and wants nothing but money and power. This English-spoken Latino crime thriller follows the greed-infested, adrenaline rush Montana thrives off of as he builds an enormous drug empire. Even though he is a Latino character from Cuba, Tony Montana actually only speaks one line of Spanish throughout the entire movie.

  2. "Desperado" Robert Rodriguez wrote, directed, produced, and edited this sequel to his earlier action film "El Mariachi." This Latino movie, spoken in the English language, continues the adventures of El Mariachi, the Mexican gun-wielding guitar player played by Antonio Banderas. This time around he is being hunted by a drug lord. Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin, Steve Buscemi, Quentin Tarantino, and Danny Trejo all make appearance as well.

  3. "La Bamba" This 1987 English language Latino movie stars Lou Diamond Phillips as the famous Mexican-American singer, Ritchie Valens. This biography follows Valens' rise from obscurity in California working on plantations with his family to fame and success. Unfortunately, Ritchie Valens' career and life was cut short in a plane crash at age seventeen.

  4. "Carlito's Way" Al Pacino plays another Latino role, and this time it is Carlito Brigante, a Puerto Rican ex-convict looking to put his life of crime in the past in this Latino movie in the English language. Unfortunately, his loyalty ends up pulling him right back where started when he tries to assist his friend and lawyer played by Sean Penn. There are many familiar faces in this cast such as John Leguizamo, Viggo Mortensen, and Luis Guzmán.

  5. "Real Women Have Curves" America Ferrera, the Honduran-American actress known for playing Betty Suarez on the television series "Ugly Betty," stars in this Latino coming-of-age movie that is in English and Spanish. In Ferrera's debut film performance, she plays a first generation Mexican-America high school graduate with a scholarship to Columbia University. She is ready to leave East Los Angeles and become her own woman but her parents want her to stay and help support the family.