Latin American movies for guys are all about male bonding and the role of men in Latin American society. Whether they are torn between love and obligation or trying to spark revolutions in their country, these Latin American men give others something to adore. Men across the globe have a certain taste in movies. Latin America is certainly no exception.

  1. "The Motorcycle Diaries" This Latin American film is all about finding life's calling and the friendship that two young men have. Its the biographical film of Che Guevara's motorcycle trip that opened his eyes to the injustices of Latin American society. He is accompanied by his best friend, Alberto, as they learn of the importance of taking time with friends, discovering the ways of the world and learning to make mistakes. This movie is excellent for men because of its naturally testosterone-fuelled goals. It has a motorcycle, the countryside, sex, love and travel. But most importantly, it has friends.

  2. "Biutiful" Being able to be connected to the dead isn't typically a relatable topic for men in Latin America. However, this movie showcases what a father must go through in order to protect his two daughters from a looming danger. Men take a great pride in protecting the ones they love and the character in this film, Uxbal, is no exception. This film is full of themes of redemption, learning to forgive and the possibilities of love. Javier Bardem portrays Uxbal with a certain fervor that most men find difficult to portray on screen.

  3. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" Latin American road trips are usually a blast. The two characters in this film make it even better when they include a beautiful woman. Tenoch and Julio are best friends. They have so much in common that they share a common attraction to a particularly older woman. They go from sharing stories of sordid sex-capades to sharing the same bed with Ana, the woman in question. They soon find that this common ground could be what splits them apart.