Latin American movies about love stem from some of the deepest and richest roots in cinema to date. Latinos are known for their passion and enthusiasm for love and all it encompasses. Whether they are telling the story of unrequited love or an affair, Latin American movies about love are vast and great.

  1. "El Secreto de Sus Ojos." Oftentimes, love affects people for decades. In Latin America, love can effect people for lifetimes. This film tells the story of a retired legal counselor, Benjamin, who is attempting to write a novel. He is hoping, with this novel, to be able to confront his issues with a past homicide cases as well as, an unrequited love. Little does he know, he will begin searching for answers that haven't been solved yet.

  2. "El Baile de la Victoria." When a petty thief, Nicolas, is released from prison after the dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile, he desperately wants to reunite with his wife and child. However, his wife has moved on and is convinced by another robber, Angel,  plan to pull off one last heist. However, Angel falls deeply in love with a mute ballerina with a troubled past. Angel loves her, and it complicates the scheme for their final robbery in this Latin American drama.

  3. "La Pasion de Gabriel." Latin American movies like to use the themes of religion and politics. This film combines, not only those common themes, but also utilizes falling in love as the catalyst for change. When the newly appointed, Father Gabriel finds that he is torn between his religious calling and the love for a beautiful woman named Sylvia, the other issues of government and corruption become minute. 

  4. "E Priobido Fumar." Coming of age stories usually tell the tale of a lonely person in need of some rescuing. In this Latin American film, Baby is a 40-something year old guitar teacher with only one friend, her cigarettes. She gets a new neighbor who is a very handsome musician and soon has a love affair. Her love for him becomes so addicting, that quitting smoking becomes her next challenge, amongst other things.