Latin American movie sex scenes are all about passion, sometimes obsession, and always complicated. Sex scenes in these films run parallel with the story being told. They often times portray the inner dialog of the characters themselves.

  1. "En La Cama" This movie centers around one special night. To be frank, the entire film takes place in bed during a passionate night with two people who have just met. They have sex throughout the film, however, their first sex scene is the best. It showcases how a wild night can bring two people together in more than just a sexual way.

  2. "La Pasion De Gabriel" This movie is about a newly appointed priest who is torn between his love for the church and the love of a woman named Sylvia. They share a passionate sex scene in the beautiful forest of Columbia. They are quickly found out and must explain their love making.

  3. "El Arriero"This film follows a drug exporter named Ancizar. He falls in love with two women and with each of them shares extremely hot sex scenes. Because the women are so different, the sex scenes have their own personality. However, each of them are passionate, skin-bearing, and steamy.

  4. "Sexo Con Amor" Parents often want to protect their children from sex in school. However, when a few groups of parents get together to discuss how to prevent this, their own sexual escapades are revealed. In particular, there is a scene with two parents. The father gets a little too rough with the mother and the greater question remains for them both, should we be telling our children that what we do is right? This sex scene tackles the social commentary of sex for all couples in society.

  5. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" This story focuses on two men who fall in love with the same girl during a trip to a beautiful, perhaps not real, beach. They are very excited to start an adventure with this young woman. As well they should be, because she sleeps with them both, at first individual, then both at the same time. The threesome sex scene is certainly the best in the movie. It's not only fun to watch, but it shows the struggle from each of the men to keep this woman's love to themselves.