These famous Latin-American movies are full of soul and tell stories of an amazing culture. Whether they are period dramas or comedies, they uphold a certain flare that other genres can't match. With each famous movie, there are plot twists, beautiful scenery, and amazingly talented actors.

  1. "Tango." This famous Argentinean movie tells the story of an affair between a choreographer, Mario Suarez, and an already-taken dancer. The tango is the dance of choice in Argentina and serves as a backdrop for this passionate and complicated story. It garnered international attention and is quite famous in the Latin-American community.

  2. "Y Tu Mama Tambien." This famous Latin-American drama comes straight from Mexico. It showcases the story of two young men, Julio and Tenoch, who have become bored with life once their girlfriends leave for Italy. They meet and attempt to seduce an older, married woman and convince her to join them for a trip to a mystical beach. Their sex lives become a major focus of the film and the famous threesome sex scene serves as a turning point for the characters.

  3. "Pan's Labyrinth." Yet another famous film from Mexico. This movie was so famous that it won three Academy Awards for Latin-America to keep under their belts. It tells the story of a little girl named Ofelia, who is dragged to the countryside with her new and awful stepfather. She begins to see fairies and faun's that tell her she is the reincarnation of a fairytale princess and she must complete three tasks in order for her to return to her real father's realm. This movie is sweet and proposes the question, what is reality in Latin-American life?

  4. "Cidade de Deus." Brazil created a very famous movie monster with its film "Cidade de Deus" also known as "City of God." It tells the story of a young man who is appropriately named, Rocket and has observed the lives of criminals in Brazil. It takes over a ten year span in order to comment on the lack of government rule and regulation in Brazil. Rocket, the lead character, uses a camera to tell his story to the world and to shed much needed light onto Brazil and Latin-America.

  5. "Son of the Bride." This Argentinean movie tells the complicated story of family in Buenos Aires. A son named Rafeal Belvedere, tries to move on with his life as his mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease. His father thinks he knows what is best for his son, but Rafael seems to think not. It isn't until a heart attack catches Rafael off guard that he decides what is important in his life. This movie in famous in Latin-America for portrayin modern family with rich heritage.