There are many famous Latin American movies about historical events. Here are a couple of famous Latin American movies.

  1. "Before Night Falls" is a beautiful and breathtaking look at the life and times of Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas. Arenas struggles with themes such as homosexuality, poverty, persecution and oppression. The movie is set in revolutionist Cuba.

  2. "El Ché: Investigating a Legend." This is an amazing look at the life and myth of the Latin American revolutionist leader Che Guevara. In this documentary, a film director goes in search of the man behind the legends, re-creating the famous road trip through South America on an old motorcycle that Che documented in his diary. Throughout his journey the director encounters many of Che's family and friends.

  3. "Eva Peron: The True Story" beautifully chronicles Evita's turbulent life. The film follows the life of Eva Peron, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Peron, who brought so much hope to the people of Argentina in an age of political power struggles, bloody uprisings, military oppression, and economic poverty.

  4. "Frida.".In this movie, the beautiful Salma Hayek provides a stunning portrayal of the Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo. The movies deals with Frida's complicated relationship with her unfaithful husband as well as the tragic bus accident which damaged her spine.

  5. "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself." This movie details that rather strange tale of when a Hollywood movie crew went to film general Pancho Villa, who was in the middle of leading a revolution in his home country of Mexico. This movie provides a sometimes humorous and sometimes tragic look at the life and times of Pancho Villa.