This article will highlight some must-see Chicano movies. No matter what your taste in films are, you can find Chicano movies in every genre. Here is a list of Chicano movies that you should watch.

  1. "Tortilla Soup" This is a Chicano romantic/comedy about an eccentric family. The story follows a widower and his three very different grown-up daughters, as the four of them find love in the most awkward way.

  2. "Real Women Have Curves" This comedy/drama is about family and traditions. It centers on a Chicano girl from Los Angeles who, in spite of her mother's wishes, wants to attend college instead of becoming a seamstress in the family's dress factory.

  3. "Walkout" This Chicano movie is a true story. it is set in 1968 Los Angeles. The movie tells the history of how barrio high school students walked out of their schools in peaceful protest of the educational system and their poor treatment.

  4. "Goal!" This sports/drama is about a boy with the will to succeed. It is the story of a Chicano boy, who in spite of his humble upbringing, dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

  5. "The Dead One" This is a supernatural horror with a Chicano cast. It is the story of a young man with supernatural powers who is determined to save the soul of the woman he loves from being taken by the ancient gods she has been offered to.

  6. "Under The Same Moon" This is a drama about love and separation. The story follows a Mexican boy who, after his guardian dies, travels to American in search of his Chicano mother, who works as a maid so that she can make a better life for them.

  7. "The Line" This thriller movie takes place on the Mexican-American border. The plot follows an assassin who is sent to Mexico to kill a Chicano drug lord who has escaped American authorities.

  8. "Machete" This is an action/thriller that features Danny Trejo in the lead role. The story follows a Mexican Federale who accepts the job of assassinating a crooked United States senator in order to pick-up some extra cash.

  9. "La Mission" This drama is about family issues and sexuality. The movie follows a macho Chicano ex-con who is having a difficult time coming to grips with the reality of his beloved adolescent son's homosexuality.

  10. "Down For Life" This movie features a fifteen year old Chicano girl as the main character. She is gifted in school as well as the streets, where she is the leader of her violent street gang. Now she is faced with a very difficult choice, because the more she becomes interested in school, the more dangerous life becomes for her within her gang.