Sex in Japanese movies can be subtle, but it is all about elevating the plot. Japanese movies are poignant in their acting, storytelling, and narrative abilities. The sex scenes serve not only as a plus in the movie, but as a deeper means to communicate desire and the inevitable human nature.

  1. "In The Realm Of The Senses." Made in 1976, this film discusses the power of desire. A Japanese man has a love affair with one of his servants. The sex scene where they first become intimate is so raw and powerful, it can become a metaphor for how their relationship is. They become so attached to one another that they begin to lose track of all things around them. They forsake others as well as life itself. This Japanese movie allows viewers to understand what a dream looks like when it becomes a nightmare.

  2. "Snakes and Earrings." Made in 2008, this film is known as some of Japan's guilty pleasures. This Japanese movie tells the story of a young girl torn between two tattooed loves in her life. As she bounces between the two men, she confronted by others with a passion for food. She has plenty of sex scenes in this film, particularly those with Kengo Kora. The sex scenes are passionate, but Yuriko's character seems to partake in them in a way that an absent minded young girl would. It is almost as though she is going through the motions of sex and remains fervently detached.

  3. "Tampopo." This Japanese film is all about the humorous side of eating food. Japanese food is known for its unique qualities. When Goro decides to come into town and help open a noodle restaurant, he is confronted by others with a passion for food. Food practically becomes sexual, in a way. The scene where the gangster turns trying food into a sexual experience, Japanese food begins to looks more and more tasty.