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Japan is a country of contrasts. Ancient and ultra modern, incredibly well-mannered and disturbingly perverse. So it is with Japanese movies. From the incredible violence of school children battling to the death and a murderous ex-ballet dancer who keeps her ex-boyfriends bagged up and barely alive on vomit, to a ballroom dancing business man and an animated little girls following her parents-turned-pigs into an alternate universe, it’s an understatement to say that Japanese films are diverse. Check out our best-of and top ten lists for reaffirmation.

Japanese Romance Movies
Sunday, March 27 by Samantha Assad

Japanese romance movies often have three dimensional characters and heart wrenching love stories amidst beautiful or unusual backdrops. From ancient wars to present day times, these Japanese love flicks are…

Japanese Racing Movies
Saturday, March 26 by Irving Oala

Japanese racing movies have been made in many different forms to depict the wild and intense real life events that occur in the nation of Japan among the people in…

Romantic Japanese Movies
Friday, March 25 by Elizabeth Ahn

Looking for excellent romantic Japanese movies?  Like Korean movies, these movies are nothing like what you'll see in American or British cinemas—and that's a good thing.  The following movies below…

Japanese Movie Kisses
Friday, March 25 by Amanda Ferguson

Japanese movie kisses are often met with drama and romance. Japanese cinema is always aware of the emotions involved in every touch, smile, and kiss. Here are a few Japanese…

Crazy Japanese Movies
Thursday, March 24 by Mishka Bulldozer

If you're all about foreign cinema, you need to check out these crazy Japanese movies. The following flicks will test your constitution as they push the cinematic envelope to an…

Goth Japanese Movies
Tuesday, March 22 by sameerah blue

Get your fill of the stylish and the weird with these goth Japanese movies. The movies that made the list of the best Japanese goth movies have a few things…

Japanese Movies In English
Monday, March 21 by Ed Mulero

These Japanese movies made in English take audiences into the culture and explore the wonders and lives of these people in cinematic form. There are many wondrous tales that are…

10 Best Japanese Ghost Movies
Friday, March 18 by sameerah blue

Be ready to be scared with this list of the 10 best Japanese ghost movies. In the last ten years there has been a slew of American remakes of Japanese…

Old Japanese Movies
Wednesday, March 16 by Stephen Lloyd

American cinema was largely dominated by outwardly escapist film noir and musicals for much of the first half of the twentieth century, with a few exceptions, unlike old Japanese movies….

Japanese Cartoon Movies
Tuesday, March 15 by Victorino Sianghio Jr.

The best Japanese cartoon movies are all those films that have filled the void after Disney has now stopped producing 2D-animated movies. Many of the best Japanese cartoon movies emerge…

10 Great Japanese Movies
Saturday, March 5 by Spyder Collins

Do you want to watch some Japanese movies, if so then try these 10 great Japanese movies on for size. The Japanese have invaded but this time in a welcomed…

10 Japanese Historical Movies
Friday, February 11 by Anwar Jefferson-George

Among your list of cinematic experiences, at least one or two items from our list of 10 Japanese historical movies needs to be included. While you may not be too…

10 Best Japanese Scary Movies
Friday, February 11 by Mandah

Here are the top 10 best Japanese scary movies of all times. These films will have you thinking twice about your actions, doing thorough background checks and throwing anything technological…

10 Most Popular Japanese Movies
Wednesday, January 26 by Annette Smith

Curious about the 10 most popular Japanese movies? A large online retailer rates the following movies as the top-selling Japanese films today. Arranged in order of relevance, here are some…

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