Filled with cute girls, monsters, and laughs, Japanese school girl movies are a good way to waste some time on a rainy day. There is no question that part of what makes Japanese school girl movies fun to watch is the prospect of really hot girls kicking high. But when the girls who play the lead roles in Japanese school girl movies aren’t teasing us with their sweet high kicking skills they’re tantalizing us with stories of young women who are able to fend off ghosts and and demons with pure awesome.

  1. “Noriko’s Dinner Table” (2005)- If you like Japanese school girl movies with a  creepy twist you will in enjoy this movie. Being a seventeen year old girl can be tough. School is lame, your family doesn’t understand you and your can’t find a shade of nail polish to match your backpack. In a last ditch effort to connect with people who think like her, Noriko—played by the sweet and creepy Kazue Fukiishi— turns to the Internet and a BBS group. With the encouragement of her new found friends Noriko runs away from home, but what starts out as a brilliant new adventure takes a dark turn when the girls in her group begin committing suicide in droves.Directed by Shion Sono this Japanese school girl movie loks at the dark side of being a teenage girl.

  2. “Swing Girls” (2004)- Director Shinibu Yaguchi brings us a Japanese school girl movie filled with pranks, cute girls and brilliant jazz music.Tomoko Suzuk, Takuo Nakamura, Yoshie SaitoKaori Sekiguch and Naomi Tanaka are sent to summer school in hopes of getting them to focus on their studies. While the summer starts out slow, the girls quickly bond over their love of Jazz and try out for the schools brass band. When the school rejects the girls, they take matters into their own hands by poisoning the brass band and rocking the campus. Juri Ueno, Yuta Hiraakoa, Shihori Kanjiya and Yuika Motokariya are wicked and adorable as the all girl band that rocks the school with their infectious interpretations of Jazz.

  3. Yo-Yo Girl Cop” (2006)- While the story gets a little cheesy in some places, this Japanese school movie has plenty of action and hot chicks in short skirts kicking high to make up for the places where the plot is weak. In efforts to stop student radicals, the Japanese police send “K," played by the stunning Aya Matsuura, undercover to infiltrate radical groups in a loca high school armed with a hi-tech steel yo-yo. It may not be the best movie you'll ever see, but director Kenta Fukasaku knows how to pull a fun and sexy performance out of his performers.

  4. “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge” (2007)- In this Japanese school girl movie, director Takuji Kitamura looks at just how far a guy will go to get the attention of a pretty girl. Youske is a typical high school kid whose world  is turned upside down when he meets the beautiful Eri. Just as he gets up the courage to ask his dream girl out, she’s attacked by a chainsaw wielding maniac. Instead of running, Eri whips out her knives and Youske bares witness to his dream girl's secret life as an ass kicking monster slayer. Yosuke Asari is perfect as the love struck and bumbling boy in over his head and Megumi Seki is as sweet as she is bad ass as Eri.

  5. “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006)- Driector Mamoru Hosoda creates a animated feature that is  sweet and quirky in some places and disturbing in others. Starring the voices of Makoto Konno and Chiaki Mamiya, this Japanese school girl movie is the story of Riisa, a normal high school girl who discovers that she has the ability to travel through time. At first she views her new found powers as a Godsend, but as Riisa works her way through the ages trying to right history’s wrongs and make the world a better place, it doesn’t take long before she realizes that tampering with the past can sometimes do more harm than good.