Japanese romance movies often have three dimensional characters and heart wrenching love stories amidst beautiful or unusual backdrops. From ancient wars to present day times, these Japanese love flicks are a must-see for romance film lovers.

  1. "Heavenly Forest" (2006): Makato (Hiroshi Tamaka), a photographer, lost his childhood friend, Shizuru (Aoi Miyasaki) after the two kissed for a picture in a forest. Shizuru had helped Makato become more confident so he could win another girl's affections; Makato did not realize Shizuru had feelings for him herself. Shizuru asks Makato to take a photo of her and him kissing so she can enter a contest. She leaves Japan without telling Makato where she is going immediately after the photo in taken, leaving Makato to track her down in New York and find out what went wrong.

  2. "Su-ki-da" (2005): Two shy teenagers, Yu (played by Aoi Miyazaki and later Hiromi Nagasaku) and Yosuke (Eita and later Hidetoshi Nishijima) embark on a fragile relationship in school but have trouble communicating; at the time, Yosuke is learning to play guitar and trying to express himself through the music instead. One day, Yue takes a leap and kisses Yosuke, who flees in response. Flash forward seventeen years, and the two meet again at an audition and find the feelings and problems are still as fresh as they were over a decade prior.

  3. "Shinobi" (2005): Centuries of war between two opposing Shinobi clans comes to an end at the order of a powerful lord. Years later, the current lord of lords finds the peace a threat in itself and, with his advisor's help, launches a plot to rid both clans of their best warriors. Despite the dangerous times, a man and woman from opposing clans, Oboro (Yukie Nakama) and Gennosuke (Odagiri Jo), fall in love and must deal with the threat to their clans and the opposition to their relationship.