Looking for the best Japanese robot movies? These movies are considered the best robot movies in all of Japanese cinema, and are highly recommended by film reviewers.

  1. "Hinokio" This movie looks into the life of 12-year-old Satoru, a boy who withdraws from society following a devastating accident, and then is given a robot who attempts to live out his life for him. Called Hinokio, the robot lives out his school life and eventually finds a friend named Jun. Controlling the robot, Satoru befriends the boy, but Jun doesn't like Satoru--he trusts and befriends the robot instead.

  2. "Cyborg She" Also knows as "My Girlfriend is a Robot", this heart-wrenching story follows Jirou, a 20 year old man who accidentally runs into a girl who shares his same birthday. She leaves, but not before Jirou falls in love with her. One year later, they meet again in the same restaurant, except it's actually her cyborg that he is meeting. Unfortunately, her cyborg cannot feel emotions, despite the fact that Jirou is madly in love with her.

  3. "Key: The Metal Idol" Although it is an animated movie, this movie is considered one of the most popular robot movies in Japanese cinema. After the death of Key's grandfather, Key wishes to become human--but her grandfather revealed shortly before his death that she needs 30,000 friends in order to make the transformation. Key is determined to make the transition from robot to human, but the people behind her grandfather's death may make it difficult.