This article will focus on classic and recent Japanese mystery movies. A mystery is something that is difficult to explain or understand. A good mystery movie will keep its viewers in a state of suspense until the end of the plot. Mystery movies can be about crime, murder, or the supernatural. Here is a list of some must-see Japanese mystery movies.

  1.  "Ringu" (1998). This classic mystery was directed by Hideo Nakata and stars Nanako Matsushima as Reiko Asakawa. After the mysterious death of Tomoko, her cousin Reiko starts to hear rumors about a videotape that causes the death of everyone that watches it in exactly one week. Reiko investigates the claim since the friend of her cousin (who watched it with her) has also died. Strange things start to happen to Reiko after watching the video, and now the race is on to find a way to reverse its affects before she is the next victim.

  2. "Ringu 2" (1999). This is the sequel to "Ringu," it stars Hiroyuki Sanada as Ryugi Takayama. While searching for answers to the mysterious death of her boyfriend, Ryuigi, (Mai) stumbles across a rumor about the spirit of a dead girl (Sadako) that haunts a videotape. The videotape kills everyone that watches it from fright in exactly one week. When Mai discovers her son (Yuuichi), who after watching the videotape is developing the same powers as Sadaka, Mai must stop Sadaka before she becomes her next victim.

  3. "The Grudge" (2004). This movie is about a mysterious house in Tokyo Japan that is plagued by a violent past that destroys the lives of anyone who enters it. The film stars Clea DuVall as Jennifer. Strange sounds begin upstairs after an American nurse, Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar) enters the house to aid an elderly woman, but when Karen investigates, she is faced with a supernatural terror beyond her wildest imagination. Now Karen must fight the vengeful cursed house before it kills her.

  4. "Desu Noto" (2006). This Japanese mystery is about the greatest minds on earth who are battling for control of the world. After finding a death note (A notebook) with the power to kill, Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) decides to create a a utopian world by killing off every criminal in it. But he must first find and kill the creator of the book.

  5. "The Einstein Tower" (2010). This Japanese mystery movie is directed by Robbie Reilly, it is set in the year 2013 and the rate of suicide is out of control in the city of Tokyo. After a directionless young man finds out his girlfriend has just been added to the list of suicide victims, he sets out to find answers, and he's not going to stop until he does, even if it kills him. Robbie Reilly also stars in the film as Seymour Clay.