Japanese Movie Songs

Monday, May 2 by Kathy Melvin

There are many Japanese movie songs available online. Many people that enjoy several songs from the movie prefer to purchase the entire soundtrack as opposed to only one hit song. A few top selling soundtracks from Japanese movies are listed in this article.

  1. "Space Battleship Yamato" This soundtrack is full of hit Japanese movie songs. This Japanese movie starring Takuya Kimura is based on the anime series also named "Space Battleship Yamato." The soundtrack was composed by Naoki Sato. It features songs such as "Space Battleship Yamato Opening Title" and "Usuyogoreta Otoko."
  2. "Sound of GANTZ" The movie "GANTZ" is based on the Japanese comic book that shares the same name. It is composed by Kenji Kawai, and stars Kazunari Ninomiya. Some of the Japanese movie songs included are "Kokuten Kidou," "Radio Taisou No Uta," "Keimou Housha," "Tensou" and "Tsuisou Canon."
  3. "OUTRAGE" The original soundtrack from this Japanese movie features the songs "Outrage," "Titan and Mariner," "High-class Nightclub," "At the Dentist," "Cars and Pursuers," "Watching the Pusher" and many more. Takeshi Kitano wrote the screenplay for the movie  and directed and starred in it as well. The soundtrack was composed by Keiichi Suzuki.
  4. "Norwegian Wood" Haruki Murakami's novel was the basis for this film. The soundtrack was produced by Jonny Greenwood. It contains Japanese movie songs such as "Mou sukoshi jibun no koto kichinto shitaino," "Sougen Kaze Zoukibayashi," "Mary Mary So Contrary," "Mata ai ni kurukarane," "Toki no senrei wo ukete inai mono wo yomuna" and "Reiko."
  5. "Kokuhaku" The soundtrack for this movie features hit Japanese movie songs by artists such as Etsuko Yakushimaru & Seiichi Nagai, AKB48, Boris, and Radio Head. Some of the featured songs are "Milk," "Last Flowers" and "Gloomy."

– Kathy Melvin

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