Japanese movie sex scenes mix erotic bed play with the exotic world culture from the Far East for the pleasure of audiences. Sex scenes provide the heat and passion in any movie, especially when it involves compelling characters in the thick of the drama. Movie plots definitely get more intriguing when they delve into the wonders of the Japanese culture. Audiences can grasp the familiar relationships that comes with sex no matter what world the movie explores. Hot sex scenes in Japanese movies are a match made in heaven.

"Rising Sun."

Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery take on a murder case that happened at the U.S. headquarters of a Japanese corporation. A hot young woman has a steamy sex scene on the board room table before her lover ends up killing her. The young lady is apparently attached to the son of the head boss of the Japanese corporation, which is only the beginning of this mystery.

"Showdown in Little Tokyo."

Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee play two renegade cops, Chris Kenner and Johnny Murata, who go up against the Yakuza's drug push. Chris Kenner also gets involved with a sexy Japanese woman named Minako Okeya who is the object of the crime boss' desires as well. Both share an intimate hot tub that sets up a sensual sex scene before the Yakuza's hit squad come after them.

"Blue Tiger."

Virginia Madsen is a mother named Gena who loses her son at the hands of a Japanese hit man during a planned job. The mother sets out on a quest for revenge against the man responsible for his death with the only lead being a tattoo of a blue tiger. Gena meets up with a Japanese gangster and gets involved in an illicit affair in her search of her son's killer. 

"Memoirs of a Geisha."

Zhang Ziyi plays a Japanese woman who from a modest existence of a fishing village becomes a geisha in Kyoto. She soon becomes embroiled in a world of sex, privilege and wealth that leads her to learn from her rival about the inner most secrets to survive such a lifestyle. Their world is threatened as the looming battles of World War II from the horizon.

-Educardo Camacho