Japanese movie kisses are often met with drama and romance. Japanese cinema is always aware of the emotions involved in every touch, smile, and kiss. Here are a few Japanese movie kisses that are noteworthy.

  1. "Animusu Anima." This Japanese movie tells the story of a young hairdresser and his sister. The hairdresser, Tokio, is a womanizer and modern-day player and his young sister is shy and timid. The sister goes away on a trip with her friend, who just so happens to be in love with her. They share an intimate moment and when the sister returns, she begins an incestuous relationship with her brother, Tokio. They share a scene when they first kiss and its an awkward, bizarre scene to say the least. However, it showcases their behavior as a result of thwarted love.

  2. "Angel's Egg." Japanese movies tend to have a strange way of telling fantasy stories. In this film, there is a young girl who is the only protector of a very large and precious egg in a strange, gothic, Victorian town. However, a mysterious man comes int the town and wins over her trust. They share a long-winded kissing scene once the young girl gives in to his tempting allure.

  3. "My Sister, My Love." The title of this Japanese film leaves little to the imagination. This film is about a pair of twins who begin having a relationship together. However, their love for one another isn't about the sex. The kissing scenes in this film are mostly about curiosity and some sort of sweeping innocence. They delicately kiss another to show affection. At its core, this film is about a love that will never work and is doomed in every sense of the word.

  4. "Tokyo Tower." This Japanese film tells the story of two young student boys who both deeply enjoy the company of older women. One of them spends the majority of his time being a playboy and catching as many women as possible. The other, finds himself drawn to only one older woman. There is a kissing scene between the young lover with an older women that takes place in the Tokyo Tower. She tries to run away from him, but he pulls her closer and hits her with a heavy kiss. The film then cuts to an ariel shot over the glass ceiling of the tower and shows them kissing passionately.