If you need to find a good Valentine’s Day flick but want to avoid the typical chick-flick romantic comedies, try these Japanese love story movies for a refreshing take on romance. These Japanese love story movies will surprise and delight you with human-cyborg romances that cross into science fiction, star-crossed lovers from rival warrior clans and creative wooing tactics.  

  1. “Drugstore Girl” (2003) – Of all Japanese love story movies, this one is perhaps the most lighthearted. The plot centers on Keiko, a young pharmacy student who catches her boyfriend cheating. She flees to a new town, where she attracts the eye of five middle-aged men who fall madly in love with her. Enjoy watching the men learn lacrosse to impress her.

  2. “Tokyo Shonen”/”Tokyo Boy” (2008) – This Japanese love story movie about a young woman with a personality disorder is more than just a romance. In fact, The Japan Times calls this love story a psychodrama for the way it portrays a relationship from both lovers’ points of view.

  3. “Lovely Complex” (2006) – If you suffer from a Napoleon Complex, you will especially appreciate this Japanese love story. In this twist on the high school love story genre, an extremely tall high school girl finds common ground with a short boy.

  4. “Shinobi” (2005) – If you love stories about Japanese warriors, this Japanese romance is for you. In this Japanese love story, two star-crossed lovers must lead their rival Shinobi warrior clans in war against one another. Can you imagine that from an American love story movie?

  5. “Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg”/”Cyborg Girl” (2008) – A lonely Japanese university student spends one magical night with a beautiful woman, but sadly, he does not see her again for an entire year. When he finally reunites with her, she saves him from a killer. And if that is not enough to pique your interest, this Japanese love story movie comes with a sci-fi twist: the beautiful woman is a cyborg.