Do you want to check out some Japanese lesbian movies? These titles feature lovely Asian women in love with each other. Read on for a list of awesome Japanese lesbian movies.

  1. "Manji." In this Japanese drama, a woman named Sonoko begins a lesbian affair with a younger woman, Mitsuko. Their twosome becomes a triangle, however, when Sonoko's husband also becomes involved with the two women. And because both women, played by Kanako Higuchi and Haruna Takase, are emotionally unstable, their affair becomes complicated and eventually tragic.

  2. "Love My Life." Two university students, Ichiko and Eri, are involved in a lesbian love affair in this Japanese romance. In a strange twist, Ichiko's parents are also both gay. When Eri takes break from Ichiko to concentrate on her law studies, the relationship takes a dramatic turn.

  3. "Kanda-Gawa Inran Senso." This comedic Japanese film is the story of two female roommates who are also lesbian lovers. When they accidentally find out about a mother and son involved in a sexual relationship with each other, they set out on a plan to rescue the son. In the process, both women begin having a relationship with him as well.

  4. "Topless." Another lesbian comedy, this Japanese film is about a woman named Natsuko who becomes inconsolable when her former lover announces plans to marry a man. The story revolves around Natsuko and several of her friends, family members and neighbors. Many of the characters are struggling with aspects of their own relationships and sexuality.

  5. "In the Realm of the Senses." This acclaimed drama is about a Japanese couple who begins a love affair with one of their female servants. Though their three-way relationship begins in erotic fantasy, it ends in a tragic nightmare. This thoughtful, sensual film, a pre-ware period piece, is based on a true story.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     --Andrea Miller