Laugh until you cry and maybe vomit in your mouth a little with these Japanese gore movies. In a sea of rom-coms and remakes, sometimes it seems as if Japanese gore movies are a part of the last bastion of originality in film today. The sole purpose of Japanese gore movies is to make us laugh and gross us out. They don’t care about getting awards or critical acclaim as long as someone gets the creeps from what they do. Since the writers and directors of Japanese gore movies don’t really care about mainstream awards, they have the freedom to explore story lines and technology that make their movies exciting and cheesy.

  1. “Robo Geisha” (2009)- When it comes to Japanese gore movies, few people do it better than director Nobru Iguchi. In his latest blood soaked masterpiece, Iguchi takes us into the world of Yoshie, the sister of a world renowed Geisha. While she isn't quite Geisha material, Yoshie has natura fighting abilities that allow her entry into the  Geisha army ; a collective of beautiful but deadly warriors whose members have all been fitted with deadly weapons that are connected to their brains. If you can stomach the blood and guts, this movie will have you roaring with laughter. Between the bleeding buildings and the guy who is killed by tempura shrimp this movie has it all.

  2. “The Machine Girl” (2008)- After the death of their parents, the future is starting to look up for Ami and her younger brother. Until her brother falls into debt with the son of a powerful ninja-yakuza. Since he doesn’t have the cash to pa the debt they decide to settle the debt with his life. Now Ami has to avenge the death of her brother armed with a chainsaw for a hand. Filled with brilliantly innovative kills, this Japanese gore movie is another blood soaked thrill ride from director Nobru Iguchi.

  3. “Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl” (2009)- While it may be every man’s fantasy to have two hot women fighting for his affections, that fantasy probably doesn’t include gallons of fake blood being spewed all over the city. Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura and Naoyuki Tomomatsu. thisJapanese gore movie is an epic battle for the affections for the dashing young Mizushima. In a story that takes the romantic flings on high school studuents to hilairous and gory new heights. The stunning and popular Monami, who happens to be a vampire, kills Keiko, her arch rival for the attentions of the most popular boy in school, Mizushima. Just when she thinks that she has Mizushima all to herself, Keiko is rebuilt as the horrifying and still incredibly hot Frankenstein girl. Now the girls continue their rivalry a battle to the death.

  4. “Tokyo Gore Police” (2008)- In the quest for extreme gore in Japanese gore movies, director Nobru Iguchi is only rivaled by the insanity of director Yoshihiro Nishimura when it comes to violence, gore and creative kills. In this Japanese gore movie a sexy young cop named Ruka has to stop a mad man from spreading a virus that causes mere mortals to mutate into weird and violent creatures. Only to find that she herself may be one of the mad man’s creations. Fueled by tons of gore and black humor this Japanese gore movie will either make you laugh your ass off of vomit uncontrollably.

  5. “Alien vs Ninja” (2010)- A Japanese gore movie that is perfect for people that love action, gore and aliens will keep you rolling on the floor. A strange ball containing a violent alien race crashes near the village of a ninja clan and begin laying waste to the ninja clan and the surrounding villages. Leaving one group of villagers to find the alien’s weaknesses to save their village and all of Japan. Starring Masanori Mimoto, Mika Hijii and Shuuji Kashiwabara, and directed by Seiji Chiba this Japanese gore movie has some insane kills as the ninjas battle the aliens.

-Sameerah Blue