Japanese Gay Movies

Tuesday, May 3 by sameerah blue

Laugh, cry and experience all things fabulous with these Japanese gay movies. Like all movies about the gay community, these gay Japanese movies explore the different facets of gay life in Japan through the unflinching eye of the cameras lens.

  1. “Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san” aka “Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims” (2005)- This gay Japanese movie is as touching as it is funny. The directorial debut of comic actor Kankuro Kudo, it’s the story of Yajirobe and Kitahachi, a gay couple living in Tokyo. Yaijirobe and Kitahachi have an unusual relationship–one is a drug addict while the other suffers from dementia, which means that neither of them knows what's going on at any given time—together they set out on a hunt for “the real” on a beat up motorcycle. They never explain what “the real” is watching these two make their way through a drug and dementia fueled adventure is fun.
  2. “Kurutta Butokai” (1989)- If you like your boys buff and your sex on the wild side, this gay Japanese movie is going to be right up your street. Ryuzaki is the editor of a muscle magazine who is driven by his love of the perfect male form and a fascination with S&M. He's found the perfect partner when he meets Kitami. Kitami has a perfect body and he is  happy to help Ryuzaki indulge his kinky sexual fantasies. It’s all fun and games until one of their sessions goes too far and lands Ryuzaki lands in jail. Fast forward a few years and Ryuzaki is out of jail and looking for Kitami, but is he looking for his old lover to make amends or is he out for revenge.
  3. “Okoge” aka “Fag Hag” (1993)- I the spirit of friendship, Sayoko invites her friend Goh and his married boyfriend Tochi to use a spare room in her apartment. Their tiny paradise takes a hit when Tochi’s wife finds out about Goh and threatens to out him to his employer. After leaving, Tochi falls for another mutual friend named Kurihara. Despite his not being gay, both Tochi and Goh have their eyes on Kurihara, but Kurihara only has eyes on Sayoko. She learns the hard way that getting what you want isn’t always good for you. The plot is bit on the soap opera side, but this gay Japanese movie is a interesting look at the complications of love, friendship and sexuality.
  4. "La maison de Himiko” aka “Himiko House” (2005)- Saori has issues; she has a dead end job, debts and she pines for a life of excitement and adventure. Saori’s biggest issue is with her father, Himiko. Twenty years later, she still resents him for coming out and leaving her and her mother. But Himiko has come to Saori with an offer she can’t refuse; a job offer to run his home for elderly gays with a salary that will get her out of debt.  Despite her initial resistance, Saori finds herself being charmed by her father and his elderly residents. This gay Japanese movie is a beautiful look the relationship between father and daughter and a stark portrait of the life of elderly gay men in Japan.
  5. “Taiikukan Baby" (2008)- This gay Japanese movie became popular and scorned for it’s frank portrayal of the relationship between two teenage boys in Tokyo. Shibahara Jun and Murai Naoki are bitter rivals on thei high school swimming team. But as they get to know each other they realize that there is a chemistry there that goes beyond being friends. This movie gained attention because of all of the sex, but the sex happens naturally in through the course of the movie in a way that isn’t pornographic. This movie follows the boys relationship as it evolves from mortal enemies into a deep emotional bond and the way the boys deal with their sexuality.

-Sameerah Blue

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