Japanese Fighting Movies

Monday, April 4 by Mishka Bulldozer

If you love some international cinema, then you'll eat up these Japanes fighting movies. Considered by many to be the birthplace of martial arts, it's no wonder that this country has spawned some of the best Japanese fighting movies to date. If you're a sucker for a good sucker punch, then you'll love this list of the best Japanese fighting movies ever.

  1. "Battle Royale." One of the most controversial films of all time, it depicts the struggle of a junior high-school class who has been randomly selected to participate in a deadly game reminiscent of "Survivor." Well, except that the tribal council is replaced with everyone killing each other. This is one of the best Japanese fighting movies because it involves gratuitous violence with a bunch of pre-teens. What's not to love about that?
  2. "Female Convict 701: Scorpion." This is one of the best Japanese fighting movies that has something for everyone. Naked women, gratuitous torture, and some truly amazing fight scenes. If you want to watch a great Japanese fighting movie, be sure to tuck the kids in early and pop this one in the DVD player.
  3. "Hard Revenge Milly" Imagine the entire story of "KIll Bill," except trimming all of the fat until the movie is less than an hour long. With that, you have one of the best Japanese fighting movies ever! A woman goes on a rampage to avenge the lives of her husband and daughter in this great gore fest!
  4. "Ninja Scroll." While it might be a bunch of lines and colors, there's no doubt that this anime is one of the best Japanese fighting movies of all time. Great, old-school ninja action, plenty of flashy villains, and even some hardcore sexuality are thrown into the mix to make a great anime that is the top of many "best of" lists.
  5. "The Seven Samurai." The inspiration behind "The Magnificent Seven," what is considered to be Kurosawa's master work is indeed one of the best Japanese fighting movies of all time. A group of samurai train a village to fight against invading bandits, which culminates in one of the most dramatic final fight scenes of all time. The movie may be old, but it has certainly aged well to become one of the best Japanese fighting movies in human history.
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  1. April 4, 2011 3:41 am


    Japan? the “birthplace of martial arts?!” oh god, no. please. You didnt just say that. Are you really that ignorant? INDIA is the most common belief were Martial Arts originated from. INDIA and/or CHINA. Two separate and different countries from JAPAN, yes, i know its tough for an ignorant american to distinguish such “similar looking” countries on the continent of Asia to get those all mixed up. right? right?

    Heres a recommendation:

    -Crows Zero Pt I
    -Crows Zero Pt II
    -High Kick Girl

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