Get your fill of the stylish and the weird with these goth Japanese movies. The movies that made the list of the best Japanese goth movies have a few things in common: they have a penchant for weird horror, mythology, kinky sex and are super stylized. It’s that blend of horror, sex and style is what makes the best Japanese goth movies a feast for the eyes.

  1. “Uzumaki” One of the hallmarks of the best Japanese goth movies is their ability to inspire shock and awe with visual effects and slightly twisted storylines. In this Japanese goth movie, a small town is tormented by an otherworldly force. Even if you're not creeped out by the thought of a town being assaulted by demons, the scene where the guy twists himself into a spiral in a dryer will give you the heebie jeebies.

  2. “The Amorists” Back in 1960 this Japanese goth movie got the gossip going with its racy content. But while the story of a guy making underground dirty movies with a 8 mm camera may be tame by today's standards, but the stark black and white scenery is a bit of sexy, creepy goodness that makes it one of the best Japanese Goth movies. Just barely staying one step ahead of mobsters while peddling his porn, our anti-hero has to deal with a wife this thinks she's possessed by the ghost of her first husband and the disturbing Lolita-style relationship he has cultivated with his step-daughter.

  3. “Vengeance is Mine” Serial killers are another popular theme among the best Japanese goth movie. This movies details the exploits of Iwao Enokizu and his 78-day killing spree. Through a series of flashbacks and voice-overs this movie looks at Iwao's past as he tries to figure out what has lead him to a life of violence and destruction. But even while he struggles to figure out how he got to where he is, it may be too late to care.

  4. “Marebito” Another one of the best Japanese goth movies that uses stylized sets and the dark the streets of Tokyo to cement the creepy effects of urban legends and Tokyo underground. For a camera man who is scared of everything—including his own shadow—landing a job that leads him into the Tokyo subway is the worst job in existence. The job is made even worse when he begins to realize that all of the urban legends he heard as a kid are true.

  5. “Tetsu: The Iron Man” A classic among sci-fi and goth movie fans alike, this Japanese goth movie has plenty of murder, mayhem and weird effects to keep goth fans happy. After a man who shoves scrap metal into his body for kicks is run down, the salesman responsible for his death begins turning into a metal beast. As if turning into a tin man isn't bad enough, our reluctant hero finds out the accident that set these set these events in motion may not have been an accident at all.