If you want to wrap yourself in fashion, style and Japanese culture, check out these famous Japanese movies. Famous Japanese movies are awash in rich fantasy, mythology, horror and brilliant cinematography. They can make you feel as if you were transported into another world filled with honorable Samurai, talking animals and ghostly entities that are a fantastic escape from everyday life.

  1. “Princess Mononke” (1997)- Directed by famed animation director Hayao Miyazaki, this famous Japanese movie was a hit fans and critics alike and sealed Miyazaki’s fate as one of the best animation directors of a generation. While trying to find a cure for Tatarigami's curse, a young warrior walks into a battle between the Forrest Gods and Tatara mining company. Aside from the amazing animation, what made this move so popular is the environmental message that is laid out by the war between the Forrest Gods and the Tatara mining company.

  2. “Spirited Away” (2001)- Another brilliant film from Hayao Miyazaki this famous Japanese movie is a delightful and sometimes scary story of a young girl who wonders into world that is ruled by gods, witches, and monsters. People who disobey the rules are turned into animals. Miyazaki’s adaptation of this story garnered an Oscar for Best Animated Feature for Miyazaki and his crew.

  3. “Seven Samurai” (1954)- Directed by one of the most famous directors in Japanese cinema, Akira Kurosawa, this famous Japanese movie is a tale of the honor and duty that comes with being a master Samurai. After he poses as a monk to help rescue a kidnapped child, master Samurai Kambei is solicited by a small village to help defend them. To defend the village Kambei  hires a band of six other Samurai's to help him defend the village. This film is brilliantly shot and is a must see for anyone who is a fan of martial arts and Samurai films.

  4. “Ringu” (1998)- This is the famous Japanese movie that inspire the American remake “The Ring” in 2002 and brought the awesomeness of Japanese horror to mainstream America. By now, most of us have lost a few nights sleep behind this movie about a video tape that kills people within seven days of watching it and the creepy girl that lives in the television. But if you think that the American remake kept you up at night the original will make sure you don’t sleep for a week.

  5. “Ju-On” (2002)- Another famous Japanese movie that helped bring the unique style of Japanese horror to Western shores. The creepy cat boy stalking a young nurse working in the hospital where she works may be the part of the movie that sticks out in the mind the most. But if you can get past his creepy visage, you will be able to enjoy the brilliant sets and fashion forward style of Tokyo.