Do you want to watch some Japanese movies, if so then try these 10 great Japanese movies on for size. The Japanese have invaded but this time in a welcomed and invited way. Japanese movies have become a part of Americana. Many American movies are remakes of Japanese movies. The Japanese have also brought us anime movies, a damn exceptional genre. The Japanese have a flair for horror, drama and comedy and it shows in their movies. Grab some popcorn and have a seat and enjoy any or all of these then Japanese movies.

  1. “Hitokiri – Tenchu” 1969: An oldie and a classic, one of the best movies to come out of Japan period. Okada is a ronin with financial issues. He joins a ruthless clan and is made into a killer.

  2. “Ringu (Ring)” 1998: Imagine if you watched a video tape, you die. This trend setting Japanese horror film scared the hell out of more that just the Japanese. This is a great movie that follows one reporters attempt to solve the mystery of the tape.

  3. “Akai Tenshi (Red Angel)” 1966: This movie takes place during the Sino-Japanese war and chronicles the war through a young nurses eyes. This is a brutal and sad movie to say the least. Well acted and directed and is a must for any Japanese movie lover.

  4. “Akira” 1988: A secret government experiment, two friends and plenty of blood. This ultra violent anime is a classic. Strong content and anarchy at heart the story follows Kaneda’s bloody attempt to save his friend Tesuo.

  5. “Shichinin no Samurai (Seven Samurai)” 1954: Portrays seven samurai hired by a village to protect them. A very well directed and  the cinematography is masterful. There is plenty of amazing swordplay and an amazing end battle sequence.

  6. Hachimitsu to kurôbâ (Honey and Clover)” 2006: Here is one to impress your lady with a little cultural romance. Really, it’s a pretty good movie about five young people coming of age in Japan.  

  7. “Ju-On (The Grudge)” 2000: A house possessed comes to life when a social worker comes calling. This is a very graphic and frightening film, with exceptional adaptations and characters.

  8. “Tetsuo” 1989: A cyberpunk and underground movie from Japan, with plenty of odd and unusual things to keep you occupied. The main character is dubbe iron man based on his obsession with attaching metal objects to his body. These metal objects are placed on him like armor, sometimes even surgically.

  9. “Perfect Blue” 1998: Chronicles the life of Mima a Japanese pop star who hopes to become an actress. She soon discovers that her past is catching up to her, her past as a serial killer. A very graphic and well plotted movie, exceptional art and animation.

  10. “Yojimbo” 1961: A ronin who convinces bot fighting factions to hire him for protection. He then pits the two factions against each other, convincing them that they have to destroy the other.  This is a great film brought to us by Akira Kurosawa.