Here are the top 10 best Japanese scary movies of all times. These films will have you thinking twice about your actions, doing thorough background checks and throwing anything technological out the window. Here are some movies that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

  1. "Audition" - This Japanese scary movie is centered around a false audition held by a widowed executive for an actress. Not just any actress but his new wife. When the girl of the executives dreams is chosen there is more to her than meets the eye. You’ll never want to hear the phrase, “Kiri, kiri, kiri,” again.

  2. "Ringu" -  Nothing tops the Japanese scary movies list than a girl coming out of your television. This movie will have you second guessing watching old unmarked VHS tapes. If you’re unsure of what you’re watching, be careful! You may only have seven days to live.

  3. "Guinea Pig Series" - The ultimate Japanese scary movie that is surrounded by nothing but controversy. This series is made up of a bunch of fake snuff films. Filled with brutal murders and tortures, it’s not for the weak stomach. It was banned in Japan and is now a very hard to find movie.

  4. "Ju-On" - When moving into a previously owned house, make sure you check the rental history. Disgruntled spirits can easily become attached to something that was apart of their life. Even if that something is your home and they were murdered in it.

  5. "Infection" - A hospital is a place where the sick go to get better. But what happens when it’s quarantined for a serious disease and no one can leave? When everyone starts to turn on each other will they be able to differentiate between fact and fiction?

  6. "Battle Royale" - Ever wanted to get revenge on that classmate you hated the most? In this Japanese scary movie high school teens are left on a deserted island that is filled with traps and weapons. The goal for the game is to be the last man standing. Who’ll make it when the time runs out?

  7. "Dark Water" - Sometimes there are leaks even a plumber can’t fix. This is another Japanese scary movie that will have new home renters paranoid about everyday household fixes. A ghost of a young girl haunts a vacant apartment. What will her new tenants think when leaks and stains start to show up when there’s no water?

  8. "One Missed Call" - This psychological Japanese scary movie will make you use you never got unlimited calling. One friend’s death leads to mysterious phone tag calls from the grave. When they finally get their message it will be their last.

  9. "Pulse" - Another Japanese scary move that is centered around haunted electronics. This time it is unleashed in cyberspace through your web cam. When assumed ghost of a deceased friend is haunting their former friends are they would they say they are?

  10. "Suicide Club" - Some friends make pacts to be together forever and others for eternity. When a mass suicide of young girls strikes Japan it takes the media by storm. Soon it starts to become a trend that needs further investigation. Are these rare coincidences or is someone provoking them?