Do you want to check out the 10 best Japanese movies with English subtitles? All of these great Japanese films have English subtitles available on their DVD releases, which makes it easy for you to watch some of the best movies that Asian cinema has to offer. Read on for the list:

  1. "Spirited Away". This animated fantasy is about a ten-year-old girl who is moving to the suburbs with her family. When the family takes a shortcut, they end up in a strange land filled with spirits that only the girl can see. Though she's not sure how to get her family back on the right track, she meets a boy who may be able to help. The movie won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

  2. "Ran". In this Japanese drama, a lord decides to cede his power to his three sons. While the oldest two honor the lord's wishes in ruling, the youngest attempts to turn against him and is banished. Eventually, the oldest begins conspiring with the youngest as well, creating a family rift that threatens the entire kingdom. The movie won a BAFTA award for Best Foreign Language Film.

  3. "Battle Royale". In this Japanese action thriller, a group of delinquent students is placed on a deserted island and forced to participate in a new reality program where they must fight each other to the death. While some of the students play the game and succumb to the violence, others try to figure out ways for their classmates to survive.

  4. "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". Another animated Japanese film, "Nausicaa" tells of a future in which the Earth has been destroyed, leaving only a few far-flung groups of survivors. A princess focuses on trying to understand the new landscape and figure out how it can sustain life.

  5. "Grave of the Fireflies". This animated Japanese tragedy is the story of a brother and sister who are sent to live with relatives after their mother is killed during World War II. The whereabouts of their father, a soldier, ar unknown. As the country falls further into turmoil, the siblings must struggle to survive amidst hunger and violence.

  6. "Yojimbo". In this crime drama, a wandering samurai in 19th century Japan arrives in a town divided between two rival gangs. He decides to play the two factions against each other, but must fle the town when his efforts are discovered.

  7. "Rashomon". Three men taking refuge from a bad storm are recounting the tale of a murdered samurai. But while two of these men were witnesses to the crime, as they talk they discover that their stories contradict each other. They attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery in this crime drama, which won an honorary Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

  8. "Seven Samurai". A samurai asks for a village's protection against bandits and, along with six other samurai, teach the townspeople how to defend themselves. This knowledge comes in handy when a large group of bandits attack, and the townspeople must band together with the samurai to protect their village.

  9. "Princess Mononoke". In this animated Japanese film, a young warrior is stricken by a deadly curse. To save his life, he must travel to a land where the residents are in a battle with the forest. He bands together with a princess to try to bring peace to the land and hopefully, lift the curse that dooms him.

  10. "Howl's Moving castle". This is a love story between a magician and a teenage girl who has been cursed by a witch. She visits a strange castle where she meets a demon who promises to lift her curse, for a very high price. This movie was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.