Oh how fun it is to come up with the 5 best Italian lesbian movies. Italian women are some of the sexiest women in the world; therefore, to see two beautiful italian women play lesbian lovers is a definite turn on. Below are five good Italian lesbian movies that are worth watching. 

"Viola di Mare" "Viola di Mare" is an Italian lesbian  movie that tells the story of two women who fall in love. One goes so far as to cut her hair and masquerade as a male in order to keep their affair a secret. If it is nudity that you want, Viola di Mare has some great breast scenes. 

" Shelter Me" is about a 35 year old factory owner (Anna) who has taken one of her female employees (Mara) as her lover. Anna's parents of course do not like Mara, since they think she is not worthy of their daughter's affection. Additionally, her parents do not approve of her lesbianism. 

"Scarlet Diva" This movie is lightly based on Italian actress and director Asia Argentino's life as an actress and sex object. The movie has some good sex scenes, including one lesbian scene where she had a brief encounter with a beautiful woman from her past who suddenly showed up at her door. 

"Gasoline" "Gasoline" is an Italian lesbian film about two young lesbian lovers, Lenni and Stella, who are on the run from the law after the accidental death of Lenni's mother. What is hotter than two chicks getting it on while avoiding the law?

"No End" "No End" is a controversial Italian lesbian movie that features two female lovers who wish to have a child together. However, because Italian law prohibits homosexual partners from having children, the two hot lovers flee to Holland.