Film shorts are very popular, and these ten best short Italian movies are no exception. From side-splitting comedy to intense drama to revealing documentary films, Italy has produced a number of great short movies. Here are ten of the best, arranged in alphabetical order by original title.

  1. “Buongiorno.” “Buongiorno” is first on the list of best short Italian movies. This 2005 comedy revolves around a simple theme--an Italian man’s morning routine. Starring Domenico Lannutti, this very funny film is an amazing little gem that shouldn’t be missed.

  2. “E Se Telefonando….” Fans of short films should also consider “E Se Telefonando…,” translated “And If Calling….” A telephone problem sets the stage for a revealing conversation between a young man and his girlfriend. This 1999 comedy film stars Giuditta Del Vecchio, Paolo Gasparini, and Armando Roscia.

  3. “Il Caso Ordero.” “Il Caso Ordero,” translated “Case Order,” is also known as “Ordero’s Choice.” This 2007 true-crime documentary focuses on the lives and crimes of two diverted personalities. Milena Capati, Clara Costanzo, and Antonio Del Pero star in the film.

  4. “Il Quarto Sesso.” “Il Quarto Sesso,” otherwise known as “The Fourth Sex,” is a 2006 film for the future. Religious humor makes up a large part of the film, which stars Emilia Verginelli, Luca Argentero, and Gaia Bermani Amaral.

  5. “Latitare Is Better.” The 2009 film “Latitare Is Better” is also considered one of the best short Italian movies. This curious drama describes a cage as shelter from a pointless outside world. Simone Carrus and Davide Onnis star in the film.

  6. “Non Riesco A Smettere Di Vomitare.” “Non riesco a smettere di vomitare,” translated “I cannot stop throwing up,” is a humorous Italian movie with an unusual subject—a man who vomits whenever he is uptight. Elio Germano, Emanuela Barizolli, and Isabella Cocuzza star in this 2004 film.

  7. “Papà, Devo Dirti Una Cosa.” “Papà, devo dirti una cosa,” translated “Dad, I Have To Tell You Something,” is a 2004 Italian comedy. It centers on a young man who is ready to confess a secret to his father. The film stars Stefano Annoni, Marco Casabona, and Alice Torriani.

  8. “Prima Classe.” “Prima Classe,” or “First Class” also makes the list. This fascinating drama centers on a wealthy married woman whose whole world is about to turn upside down. The 2003 movie stars Nino D’Agata, Armando De Ceccon, and Maurizio Di Carmine.

  9. “Trailer For A Remake Of Gore Vidal’s Caligula.” “Trailer For A Remake Of Gore Vidal’s Caligula” is a 2005 Italian short based on the graphic 1979 Italian-American feature film. A modern stylized version of the original movie, the short film focuses on Rome’s most infamous Caesar, Caligula. Adriana Asti, Justine Bateman, and Karen Black star in the film.

  10. “Where Is The Rainbow?” The newest movie on this ten best list is the 2010 film “Where Is The Rainbow?” The alarming drama portrays the end of the world, which a man views through his television screen. Michelangelo Bellani, Azzurra Fettucciari, and Mariella Nanni star in the film.