These ten best Italian spy movies are proof that British filmmakers aren’t the only ones to produce wild and riveting espionage films. Following the popular James Bond trend, Italian cinema featured a number of sexy spy thrillers in the 1960s. Here are ten of them, arranged in alphabetical order by title.

  1. “Agente 077: Fury In The Orient.” “Agente 077: Fury In The Orient” is a 1965 espionage film with comic elements. The action-packed Italian movie follows an American secret agent on a mission to rescue a scientist from the kidnappers who want to sell his invention, weapon designed to disintegrate solid matter. Directed by Sergio Grieco, the film stars Ken Clark (as Agent 077), Margaret Lee, and Fabienne Dali.

  2. “Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary.” “Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary” is another 1965 espionage film starring Ken Clark. In this movie the American spy is hot on the trail of a nuclear device—and, of course, he’s not alone. Also directed by Sergio Grieco, the film costars Helga Liné and Philippe Hersent.

  3. “Agente Speciale LK.” “Agente Speciale LK,” also known as “Lucky, El Intrepid,” is a 1967 Italian spy movie. The story follows a secret agent on a mission to track down a ring of counterfeiters, and the very sexy police commissioner he meets along the way. Jesus Franco directed the film, which stars Ray Danton, Barbara Bold, and Dante Posani.

  4. “Berlin: Appointment For The Spies.” “Berlin: Appointment For The Spies” is a 1965 film starring Dana Andrews as Secret Agent Z.3. The plot involves a tunnel in the Berlin Wall, which allows the west to spy on the east. Directed by Vittorio Sala, this movie is billed as sexier, groovier, and better than Bond. Brett Halsey, Pier Angeli, and Gastone Moschin star in the film.

  5. “Marc Mato, Agente S. 077.” “Marc Mato, Agente S 077” is a 1965 action-adventure movie starring Luis Dávila as Agent S 077. The agent is assigned to capture a criminal gang determined to destroy the earth with a death ray. Gregg C. Tallas directed this Italian thriller, which also stars José Greci and Perla Cristal.

  6. “OSS 117: Double Agent.” “OSS 117: Double Agent” is a 1968 Italian action drama directed by Renzo Cerrato, Jean-Pierre Desagnat, and André Hunebelle. The film centers on an American secret agent in the Middle East, on a mission to destroy a group of assassins. John Gavin, Margaret Lee, and Curd Jürgens star in the film.

  7. “Pier 83 Mission Death.” “Pier 83 Mission Death,” also known as “Missione Morte Molo 83” or simply “M.M.M. 83,” is a 1966 spy film. Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli, the movie centers on a British secret agent on a mission to find the people who killed an important scientist. Fred Beir, Gérard Blain, and Alberto Dalbés star in the film.

  8. “Special Mission Lady Chaplin.” “Special Mission Lady Chaplin” is another Italian movie featuring Agent 077. The 1966 action-adventure story revolves around a beautiful French fashion stylist, a wealthy American researcher, and the American secret agent. Ken Clark, Daniela Bianchi, Helga Liné, and Jacques Bergerac star in the film, which was directed by Sergio Grieco and Alberto De Martino.

  9. “Tiffany Memorandum.” “Tiffany Memorandum” is a 1967 romantic comedy featuring a complicated espionage plot. In this action-packed thriller, an American journalist gets mixed up in international politics and is coerced by the CIA to follow events to the end. Directed by Sergio Grieco, this spy movie stars Ken Clark, Irina Demick, and Luigi Vannucchi.

  10. “Your Turn To Die.” “Your Turn To Die” is a 1967 Italian thriller directed by Michele Lupo. This espionage film has an unlikely hero—a newspaper reporter who gets caught up in a world of conspirators,  diamond heists, and murder. Claudio Brook, Daniela Bianchi, and Sydney Chaplin star in the movie.