These are definitely some of the 10 best Italian softcore movies of all time. Italian cinema industry is not only known for great movie directors like Fellini, but also because of its production of erotic softcore films. Softcore Italian films are not just about sex, they boast elaborate screenplays where the plot is as important as the erotic scenes themselves. Add great acting, and you have a masterpiece. This list will be useful for you to approach this type of cinema for the first time.

  1. "Fallo!" Directed by the legendary Tinto Brass and starred by Stefania Sandreli and Frank Finlay. Both are a married couple in the film. When he realizes he can’t satisfy his wife anymore, he decides to let her be with other men. A great plus for this movie is that Ernio Morrichone participates in it.

  2. "Voglia di Guardare." Directed by Joe D’amato, and starred by the beautiful Lilli Caratti, she performs a girl who has been kidnapped by a band of smugglers. In the meantime, she has encounters with them and finally escapes with one of her captors.

  3. "Miranda." This is another great film directed and written by Tinto Brass. This time the stars of the film are Serena Grandi, Andrea Occhipinti, and Franco Interlenghi. Miranda is the owner of a hotel that likes to get involved in relationships with her costumers.

  4. "Cheeky." This movie is one of the best sofctore Italian productions in recent years. Starred by new stars Yuliya Mayarchuk and Jarno Berardi, it tells the story of this couple during their college years.

  5. "Sete da Vampira." Directed by Roger Fratter, this movie tells the story of Camilla, a young girl who dies and is doomed to remain in the eternity as a vampire. Lots of guys will fall for the enchantment and beauty of this sexy Italian vampire.

  6. "Jungla proibita (la leggenda sex di Tarzan)." Joe D’amato is one of the great names in Italian softcore industry. In this film, he recreates the story of the famous Tarzan, with great outdoor filming.

  7. "Avere Ventani." Fernando Di Leo directs this film where two girls (Gloria Guidi & Lili Caratti) meet and become friends. They decide to make a trip, but problems will arise on the road, and they’ll end up being stuck inside a prostitution ring.

  8.  "Amorestremo."  This film combines erotic and thriller. Directed by Maria Martinelli, it tells the story of a masochist encounter between Rocco Sifredi and Stefania Bodafede, after which he is found dead. Thus, she gets involved in some serious trouble.

  9. "Romance." Softcore star Rocco Sifredi makes his second appearance on this ranking. In this film he performs as the head master of a school that get’s involved with one of the teachers of his staff. Directed by Catherine Breillat.

  10. "Cecilia." Muriel Montossé performs a girl who has been raped. The odd thing is that she tells her husband later on that she had actually enjoyed the raping. This absolutely changes her life as she gets involved with other men.