10 Best Italian Sexy Movies

Tuesday, March 15 by Annette Smith

If you like to watch foreign films with steamy love scenes, check out these ten best Italian sexy movies. Granted, some of them are chick flicks. But keep in mind, Italian chick flicks are much sexier than their American counterparts. Some award-winning feature films and a few adult movies also appear on this list of sexy Italian movies.

“Capriccio.” “Capriccio” is an erotic 1987 Italian drama. This adult movie centers on a married couple who seek out their old lovers for another sexual fling. The film stars Nicola Warren, Francesca Dellera, Andy J. Forest, and Luigi Laezza.

“I Am Love.” “I Am Love,” originally titled “Io sono l’amore,” is a 2009 romantic drama produced in Italy. The tragic love story tells of a wealthy, but unhappy, woman in Milan who begins a passionate love affair with a younger man. Tilda Swinton, Flavio Parenti, and Edoardo Gabbriellini star in the film.

“Italian Sex.” “Italian Sex,” originally titled “Sesso in testa,” is a popular 1974 Italian sex comedy. The film centers on a sexy grad student who poses as a prostitute to conduct sociological research for her thesis. The film stars Pilar Velázquez, Didi Perego, and Mario Carotenuto.

“The Key.” “The Key,” originally titled, “La chiave,” is an erotic Italian movie from 1983. The story centers on a married couple who read each other’s diary entries, which leads to myriad sexual encounters. Frank Finlay, Stefania Sandrelli, and Franco Branciaroli star in this adult film.

“Malèna.” “Malèna” is a steamy 2000 romantic drama. Set in Italy during World War II, the story tells of a young woman whose physical beauty enflames the sexual awakenings of adolescent boys. This sexy movie stars Monica Bellucci, Giuseppe Sulfaro, and Luciano Federico. Watch a clip right here.

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