Do you want to check out the 10 best Italian sexual movies? These films combine interesting plots and drama with plenty of nudity and erotic storylines. If you feel like watching a movie that might heat things up, read on for the list:

  1. "Cheeky"  This erotic Italian comedy is about a woman named Carla who is looking for apartments in London with her boyfriend Matteo. When the couple have a falling out, Carla begins a torrid affair with the lesbian real estate agent who is showing the apartments. Though the boyfriend is initially jealous, he is able to overcome this feeling because of the strong lust he feels for Carla.

  2. "Salon Kitty"  During World War II, a woman named Kitty runs a brothel geared toward soldiers in Nazi Germany. One of the men plants recording devices in the bedrooms in hopes of gaining information to overthrow Hitler. When Kitty finds out, she and her girls must expose the conspiracy.

  3. "Cosi Fan Tutti" Though Diana is happily  married, her appetite for sex is so great that she can't stop herself from having erotic adventures with other men. Rather than getting angry, her husband enjoys her sexy tales and uses these encounters to fuel their sex life together. But when he finally gets jealous, he gets revenge by having a wild orgy with her sister and friends in this Italian sex drama.

  4. "La Chiave"  In this erotic Italian drama, a husband and wife read each others' hidden diaries and get excited by the sexual encounters and fantasies they contain. Through their writings, they have an erotic life with many sexual adventures, both together and separately.

  5. "Melissa P"  This Italian drama is about an adolescent girl who has her first sexual experience while living with her mother and grandmother. After the boy she sleeps with ignores her, she begins having wild sexual exploits with him and with other boys at school in order to get his attention.

  6. "Miranda"  The title character, a beautiful woman who owns a tavern in Italy, is looking for a husband after she becomes widowed during World War II. She tries out four different men over the course of a year to discover who is the best lover and the best future husband in this Italian comedy.

  7. "Monella"  A couple is getting married, and the husband strongely believes his bride should be chaste. But she can't wait, and wants to try out sex with her husband before marriage. Using her sexual wiles, she tries to trick her husband into premarital sex in this erotic Italian comedy.

  8.  "Paprika"  A young country girl begins working at a big-city brothel to earn money for her fiance to start his own business in this sexual Italian film. The movie, set in the 1950s, is an interesting look at the life of a prostitute.

  9. "Teorama" (1968). This Italian sexual movie is about a wealthy family who is visited by a strange man. This guest seduces everyone in the family, including both parents, the children, and the maid. This bizarre encounter changes the family's life forever, as they can no longer look at the world in the same way.

  10. "The Voyeur"  A professor whose wife has left him for another man finds solace in a relationship with one of his students. He also has very erotic daydreams about his wife and her lover, along with other family members and friends.

                           -Andrea Miller