The 10 best Italian romance movies depict the passion of Italy’s people. Love, fear and desire are components of these stories, but each takes a different view of the sentiments. These Italian movies will warm any viewer’s heart.

  1. “Roman Holiday.” A runaway princess explores what her life would be like if she didn't have a title. Befriended by a journalist, the two travel through the majestic city of Rome taking in its famous sites. The problem is that the journalist doesn't reveal his occupation or that he knows exactly who the little lady is. For showing how true love can develop in the strangest of circumstances "Roman Holiday" is a great Italian romance movie.

  2. “Dangerous Beauty.” A courtesan works her way to becoming famous, but struggles to overcome her feelings for the man she loves. Although separated by class and his marriage, the two devise a way to be together, but in doing so attract the attention of the Inquisition. For showing how love can overcome any obstacle, "Dangerous Beauty" is one of the best Italian romance movies.

  3. “Il Postino.” This Italian romance movie follows a postman as he learns to love poetry through dramatic conversations and ingenious instruction by a poet on his route. When he uses his newfound skill to court the town’s local beauty, he finally learns the power of the written word. This movie shows how personal growth can assist in finding a soul-mate.

  4. “Casomai.” A couple repeating their vows deals with the up and downsides of marriage through flash-forwards. Soon, the flashes involve the entire audience, and the couple must deal with the fact that their marriage is important to more people than just themselves. By depicting the correlation between the joy and pain of marriage. “Casomai” is a wonderful Italian romance film.

  5. La Dolce Vita.” A journalist struggles in his choice between living a staid lifestyle with his boringly domestic girlfriend or filling his life with joy and extravagance. The film's point is that no matter how important that decision seems, neither option is perfect and that, in the end, the decision is actually made by other people.

  6. “Bread and Tulips.” In this Italian romance film a woman decides to rebel against her lifestyle that is devoid of love. Finding herself stuck in Venice away from her selfish husband and children, she chooses to do the things she's always wanted to do, and for once finds herself happy. In the end, however, she must decide between being with the people she loves or making herself happy.

  7. “The Leopard.” This film depicts the Prince of Salina’s struggle to maintain his family’s role in 1860s Sicily. He must reconcile the old world, in which his family ruled, and the new world, in which other families possess the power. In the end, he must decide what his heart wants and determine his life's purpose. Burt Lancaster stars in this fabulous movie known as the Italian “Gone with the Wind”.

  8. “A Good Year.” An investment banker inherits his uncle’s Italian vineyard, but rather than sell it as he intentionally plans, he ends up falling in love with it. Romance and a renewed understanding of the joys of life follow his decision to stay in the picturesque spot. For showing the intense emotions that can be caused by small and big decisions alike, “A Good Year” is a great Italian romance film.

  9. “Three Coins in the Fountain.” Set in the 1950s, the film follows three women after they toss a coin into the same fountain. While different fates await each woman, each receives what they desire, albeit after many, quite funny mishaps.

  10. “Summertime.” When an independent American woman takes a trip to Venice, she doesn't expect an Italian heartthrob to be the highlight of her trip. This movie tells the story of the couple's love affair and how their relationship forever changes the pathway of their lives. Considered one of Hepburn's greatest performances, the plot and other characters are additionally nothing short of spectacular.