The 10 best Italian movies with subtitles allow English speaking viewers to experience some of the Italy’s greatest films. Whether classic or modern, each of these movies depicts a unique aspect of Italian culture, and many times the entire world. Engaging and entertaining, these Italian subtitled movies are certain to please every viewer.

  1. Il Postino.” This famous Italian subtitled film  tells the tale of a postman who falls in love with poetry as he delivers mail to a poet on his route. The two engage in inspiring conversations and the mailman begins to write poetry himself. He then uses his interest in the art to wo the town beauty.

  2. Bicycle Thieves.” This classic film follows a man and his son as they search for his stolen bicycle without which he cannot work. The movie is a commentary about the struggles of living and how a single incident can make our lives more difficult, but also fuller, in an instant. Extremely emotional, this Italian film with subtitles is one of the country’s greatest movies.

  3. Life is Beautiful.” This Italian subtitled film tells the story of the struggle of an Italian, Jewish father to save his son from the horrors of the Holocaust. Despite its topic, the film has many comedic scenes which display the affection between parent and child. As evidenced by its many Academy Awards, “Life is Beautiful” is one of the best Italian films with subtitles.

  4. Divorce, Italian Style.” In this dramatic, subtitled Italian film a man falls in love with his cousin, but must find a way out his current marriage. With divorce illegal in the country, he soon turns to murder as a way to gain his freedom. A dark comedy, “Divorce, Italian Style” is one of the best subtitled Italian movies of all time.

  5. I Vitelloni.” This  film follows a group of young men as each encounters a turning point in their lives. Inhabitants of a small Italian town, each of the men find that their lives are changed forever with the decisions they make, and that they while some of them are brought together, others are torn tragically and irreperably apart.

  6. Amarcord.” Directed by Federico Fellini, one of Italy’s most famous directors, this film shows the life of a small Italian town. Despite its size, there is something magnetic and larger-than-life about the town’s inhabitants. The movie is comedic, romantic and dramatic at the same time.

  7. "La Dolce Vita.” This acclaimed Italian film tell story of a journalist who must decide whether he should live his life according to conventional social rules or fill his days with frivolity and excess. The movie presents the interesting fact that our decisions about how we live our lives often has very little to do with our true feelings. While available in English under the title "The Good Life," the movie is exceedingly more entertaining in Italian with subtitles.

  8. I’m Not Scared.” This Italian subtitled movie follows a small-town boy’s reaction to finding a boy his age in chains near his home. His world becomes more complex, and more deadly as he begins to connect the dots between the boy and his own family. Frightening but extremely engaging, this movie is one of the ten best Italian movies with subtitles.

  9. La Strada.” This Italian film tells the tale of a young girl who is sold to an entertainer, and the brutal life that she lives after the sale. The movie is heralded as one of the best Italian movies of all times, and its subtitles allow non-Italian speaking viewers to experience it.

  10. Cinema Paradiso.” A story of a now famous director who returns home to bury the projectionist in his small town, “Cinema Paradiso” shows the impact movies have on everyone. A touching film containing extremely well-developed characters, it is one of the best Italian movies with subtitles.