The 10 best Italian movies with English subtitles are easy to find. Italian is a beautiful language. However, watching an Italian can be difficult if you don't speak the language.

  1. "Open City" This 1945 drama is about a leader in World War II and his courageous fight against the Nazis. This movie is so remarkable because of its usage of actual war footage from the time. The subtitles are pristine and not too distracting.

  2. "Swept Away" This 1974 Italian movie combines a tale of opposites stranded on a deserted island. The contradictions between the two characters raise a lot of issues of class in Italian society. Subtitles help bring these issues to light.

  3. "Amarcord" The title of this film can be translated as "I Remember." The director does just this with his autobiographical drama. The DVD comes with the option of watching it with dubbed over English or English subtitles. The subtitles are certainly the better option of the two.

  4. "Padre Padrone" When a young boy tries to grapple with the issues he has with his father, drama is always inevitable. The lighting in this film is relatively dark. The darkness only aids with the subtitles standing out more.

  5. "The Bicycle Thief" This Oscar winning film has been considered one of the best movies ever made. It tells the tragic story of a man whose bike gets stolen, which he must use for his job and to feed his family. There is a lot of action in this movie. So the subtitles, when they are used, are fantastic!

  6. "Seven Beauties" This 1976 Italian movie follows the fast-paced journey of a small time crook trying to feed his large family. This film is offered with subtitles. They fit seamlessly throughout the movie.

  7. "The Gospel According To Saint Matthew" This movie tells the story of Jesus, only in the fashion that Italians would know. Its score is epic. The language is almost poetic. Its a treat to read the beautifully worded subtitles.

  8. "Il Postino" This modern day story of unlikely friendship won the hearts of Italians everywhere. When a Chilean poet helps a postman win over his love with beautiful language, subtitles tend to get lost in translation. But that is certainly not the case in this movie.

  9. "And The Ship Sails On" This film takes movie making to metaphoric levels. Different people are on a sailing ship. They don't totally get along and it serves as a metaphor for all of the countries in the world having to deal with each other.

  10. "Juliet of the Spirits" When an unhappy wife can't cope with her marriage. She begins to search for answers within herself. What she finds are fantasies and answers. The subtitles would typically become distracting in a film like this, however, with clever cutting, that is not an issue.