If you think Hollywood has corrupted everyone, just take a look at the best Italian movie sex scenes. Some of the most edgy, sex filled, downright nasty movie sex scenes come straight out of the House of Pizza. Italians are known for experiencing the finer things in life, and this clearly stretches into their desire for lust driven movie scenes. Sit back, relax (we really mean it) and enjoy this great Italian lineup.

"Malena" (brothel scene) - 2000. There are too many sex  scenes to mention in this film. . . especially one with Monica Bellucci. However, when Malena is finally forced into becoming a prostitute, and she is there at the brothel (or house of ill-repute) and throws herself at the Germans - anyone can debate whether this is the highlight of the movie. Not because of the circumstances, of course. Mainly because seeing Malena, or Bellucci, in such a natural state would be any male's dream.


"The Bicycle Thief" (inside house of tolerance) - 1948.  Not you're average Italian movie sex scene. Set in the 1940s, this film was a bit racy for it's time. Yet, it was plenty entertaining for the GI who "wasn't gettin any in the field." When Antonio runs into the house of tolerance, all bets are off about what could possibly happen next.


"Le fate ignoranti" (cheating scene) - 2001. This scene combines the drama of a cheating spouse with sex and new found love. As Antonia goes to see her husband's lover, she finds the lust and attractiveness too much to bear. After following into her own state of sin, the viewer is shown the true difference between an A and B scene: when lust is allowed to blossom, all bets are off.


"Ricordati di me" (multiple partner sex) - 2006. Let's jump right into things (literally.) Go straight to the party and watch Valentina have sex with numerous guys, while trying to audition for a TV show. Maybe not the depth and details you're looking for (go back to RedTube). . . but a winner when it comes to Italian movie sex scenes.


"Maledetto il giorno che t’ho incontrato" (laundry room) - 1992. As Bernado and Camilla's relationship finally comes to a head, the Italian movie sex scene viewer will surely enjoy this 1990s hit. The combination of a journalist against a confused young woman brings some juicy and added features not normally seen by the average viewer. With the sound of washing in the distance, Camilla's sexy voice can be heard with each and every thrust.



- Joel Ellegood