All types of guys from mob bosses to adopted members of the "family" have uttered the 10 best Italian movie quotes. Some of them used plenty of profanity in their utterings, while others chose to be more literary with their words.

  1. "True Romance." Christopher Walken's character Vincent Coccotti uttered one of the 10 best Italian movie quotes after murdering Dennis Hopper's character Clifford Worley. Cocotti said, "I haven't killed anybody since 1984. Goddamn his soul to burn for eternity in f***ing hell for making me get my hands dirty."

  2. "The Godfather." No list of the 10 best Italian movie quotes would be complete without at least one mention of  "The Godfather." James Caan's character Sonny Corleone seals these words to younger brother Michael (played by Al Pacino) with a kiss on the cheek. "What are you gonna do? Nice college boy, didn't want to get mixed up in the family business. Now you want to gun down a police captain. Why? Because he slapped you in the face a little? What do you think this like the Army where you can shoot 'em from a mile away? No you gotta get up like this and, badda-bing, you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C'mere."

  3. "The Godfather." This quote by Marlon Brando's Don Vito Corleone is still used today. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."

  4. "Casino." Martin Scorcese's classic leaves several candidates for the 10 best Italian movie quotes. Robert DeNiro's character Ace Rothstein uttered these words, "Back home, they put me in jail for what I'm doing. Here, they give me awards."

  5. "Goodfellas." Ray Liotta's character Henry Hill was a major part of this classic mobster movie. One of his most memorable quotes that also explains the title of the movie was, "You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like, you'd say to somebody: 'You're gonna like this guy; he's all right. He's a goodfella. He's one of us.;"

  6. "Casino." Plenty of other choices that qualify for the 10 best Italian movie quotes once again come from this epic. After a young casino worker compliments Sharon Stone (Ginger Rothstein) for her beauty, her husband Ace (Robert DeNiro) says to himself, "Nice kid, bright boy. What balls on this f*****' kid. The next day I fired him."

  7. "Casino." Ace Rothstein agains makes memorable comments to himself. "Running a casino is like robbing a bank with no cops around."

  8. "Goodfellas." Henry Hill describes what happens to disloyal members of the "family" with these words, "See, your murders come with smiles, they come as your friends, the people who've cared for you all of your life. And they always seem to come at a time that you're at your weakest and most in need of their help."

  9. "The Godfather." Don Corleone utters another of the 10 best Italian movie quotes when talking to dons from other crime families. "But I'm a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall him - If he should get shot in the head by a police officer, or if he should hang himself in his jail cell - or if he's struck by a bolt of lightning, them I'm going to blame some of the people in this room, and that I do not forgive.."

  10. "Casino." Joe Pesci's Nicky Santoro said, "The coppers blamed me for every little thing out here, and I mean every little f*****' thing. If a guy f*****' slipped on a f*****' banana peel, they blamed me."