These 10 best Italian movie posters are all exceptionally well-designed works of art created to advertise films. Each is amazing in its own artistic and entertaining way. If you're looking to invest in a new poster for art or decor, you should definitely consider one of these.

  1. "L'Avventura": This movie poster has great appeal with its romantic portrayal of the two main characters intimately together. The foreground shows a smaller version of female lead, intricately portraying loneliness while romance fills the background. Created with superior painting technique, this is a poster you will definitely want in your collection.

  2. "La Strada": This movie poster has a classic 1950's painting style with strong brushstrokes and bold colors. The poster reveals action and emotional extremes. The poster would make anyone want to watch this Italian film.

  3. "La Dolce Vita": This film will make a great addition to any room. The vibrant blue and red hues create intriguing contrast. The poster's style is classy and alluring, a must have for any room.

  4. "Psicosis": This Italian poster advertises the Italian version of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" film. The Italian version poster is black and white and has a distinct European edge. You won't be disappointed by the jarring image of the main character screaming.

  5. "Si Vive Solo Due Volte": This Italian poster renders a classy 007, contrasted powerfully with his dark tuxedo against and red background. The Italian version of the poster has a pop-art style and undeniable artistic excellence. This poster can turn any space from dull to extravagant.

  6. "La Terra Contor I Dischi Volanti": This film poster has bright primary colors that light up the entire design. The artistic style is powerfully dramatic, matched by the drama and emotional intensity depicted. If you want a vintage-style foreign art piece, than this Italian movie poster is for you.

  7. "Nesferatu, Il Vampiro": This movie poster has a dark horror film style. With red text and black imagery, the poster is minimalistic and jarring. This poster is perhaps the best of all Italian movie posters with a large dark Vampire figure looming against ship rope in the background.

  8. "La Maschera del Demonio": This poster is a classic example of superb Italian movie posters. The bold primary colors combined with black and white imagery to create an image with a powerful composition. This poster makes an outstanding addition to any decor.

  9. "Mafioso": This poster has a great design based on warm colors (red and orange) that make the film scene appear momentous. The red colors, coupled with the characters' expressions, help signify struggle. You won't regret considering this great Italian movie poster for your decorating needs.

  10. "La Niebla": This Italian horror film has a great portrayal of scary imagery and fear. A terrorizing skeleton covered in greenery couples perfectly with the image of a screaming woman lighted with purple and blue tones. Although evidently advertising a scary film, the movie poster itself is quite artistic and decorative.