Take a look at this list of the 10 best Italian erotic movies, which contain only the best erotic material of this country. Italians like to express their romanticism, but they like drama too. Watch this full list of movies and you’ll also notice how they use regular language to express something in very artistic ways.

  1. “La citta delle donne” This movie is filled with plenty of seduction. When a businessman is traveling in a train, he makes eye contact with a really attractive woman and decides to follow her. She stops at a hotel and when he goes inside, he realizes it’s like a paradise full of beautiful women.

  2. “Passione d’amore” This story has a very attractive plot. There is a shy and weird girl and a handsome and perfect man. Despite her strangeness, he tries to get closer to her and they start a very uncommon affair.

  3. “Stealing Beauty” The famous director, Bernardo Bertolucci, brings us this great film. In the movie, Lucy goes to a villa full of artists to find inspiration after her mother’s death, but all that she finds are sexual thoughts and desires.

  4. “La villa del venerdì” This is a story of infidelity and lies. A woman plays two men at the same time-her husband and her lover. Find out what happens when her husband decides that he can’t continue with the situation anymore.

  5. “Lo sguardo dell'altro” Laura Morante takes the role of Begonia, who makes sexual experiments during the film. An interesting fact about this movie is that the singer Miguel Bosé makes a special appearance.

  6. "His Secret Life” Discovering that your husband has been unfaithful could be a dramatic event, but even more so if you discover he’s cheating on you with another man. This excellent movie brings to light this controversial issue.

  7. "Ossessione" This film is based on the James M. Cain novel, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”. How far can infidelity go? The plot explores the following situation-a man has an affair with a married woman and tries to stay together by planning her husband’s murder.

  8. “Angela” Angela has a very dangerous romance with a mafia man. As his spouse, she helps him with the drug business that they try to hide behind the façade of a shoe store.

  9. “Beyond Obsession” A man is sentenced to jail for the crime of his wife’s murder. Since his confinement, he starts to discover things that wer unknown to him before. A young woman visits him-she’ll not only become his lover, but she is also his step-daughter.

  10. “Cheeky” Depression can lead someone to act without inspiration or passion. This is the story of such a depressed man. After experiencing various traumatic events like losing his wife and being alone, he agrees to be on a popular yet poorly produced TV show. He has no idea that his life is about to take a radical turn.