The heyday for soft porn was in the '70s and resulted in the making of the 10 best Italian erotic films. Italian erotic films ranged the gamut from lighthearted comedies, to obsessive, steamy dramas.

  1. “La Doctora del Campo” Laura Gemser stars in this film about a sexy nurse that comes to town. This erotic movie mixes sex, politics and a sprinkle of humor.

  2. “Peccati in Famiglia” This erotic drama is about a nephew who takes over his rich uncle's assets, including his women. Director Bruno Gaburro manages to thrust many copulation scenes into the movie. 

  3. “Cattivi Pensieri” Set in Milan, this film is about a man who is obsessed with thoughts of his wife cheating on him. He imagines every sordid, delicious detail. 

  4. “La Segretaria Privata di Mio Padre” We all know the stereotype of the private secretary. In this sexy comedy, the secretary does a lot more than take phone calls.

  5. “La Figliastra” This film is a Sicilian tale of a daughter who helps her father regain a fortune. She goes about doing this in a very seductive way. 

  6. “Taxi Girl” This erotic comedy is about a woman who inherits a taxi business and becomes involved with criminal elements in the Italian underground. The woman, Marcella (Edwige Fenech), goes underground as a stripper to get close to a crime boss. 

  7. “The Key” This cult classic is about a husband and wife who read each other’s diaries, provoking them to embark in steamy, sexual encounters. Avante-garde Tinto Brass directs the film in a pre-World War II Venice.

  8. “All Ladies Do It” A lighthearted look at a married woman’s numerous sexcapades. Her husband enjoys hearing about her various encounters as much as she enjoys partaking in them. 

  9. “Miranda” Miranda (Serena Grandi) has a sizzling affair with the village stud while on the lookout for a marriageable mate. Her string of possible mates is chronicled in consummate detail.

  10. “The Voyeur” This popular Tinto Brass movie is about a professor who obsesses over his wife’s strange comings and goings. The professor also watches the sexual antics of his father through a bathroom peephole. The film culminates in a searing sexual climax after a buildup of erotic tension.