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Your only expsoure to Indian’s in cinema may be through the stylistic lenses of non-Indian filmmakers like Danny Boyle and Wes Anderson. What you probably don’t know is that India has plenty of its own films for you to choose from because Bollywood churns out the most movies per year in the world. And not all of them are song and dance extravaganzas. Screen Junkies is on a quest to uncover those South Asian gems (like “Monsoon Wedding” and “The Fall”) with lists of the best Hindi movies by genre and by year—hey, with a market this massive there’s really no other way to approach it.

10 Best Family Indian Movies
Friday, February 18 by Karen Pyudik

These 10 best Indian family movies are made entirely in Bollywood. Indian family movie introduces us to the life and customs of Indian society. We find ourselves in the world of…

10 Best Action Hindi Movies
Wednesday, February 16 by Mr. Anonymous

Here is a list of the 10 best action Hindi movies. In the world of cinema, the Indian film industry (Bollywood) has been gathering a huge following all over the world…

5 Best Gangster Indian Movies
Thursday, February 3 by T. Cousin

If you enjoy watching films that feature organized crime and criminals; you are going to love these 5 best gangster Indian movies we've listed. Bollywood has brought to the big screen some of the…

Top 10 Indian Movies
Saturday, January 22 by Sidney Johns

The top ten Indian movies traverse time and region. While Bollywood has become the mecca of movies in India in recent years, it wasn't always that way. The wholesome movies…

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