Bollywood is known for great comedy films, and these funny Hindi movies are some of the best around. Many of them combine romance and humor for a hilarious movie experience. These are the classic comedies, starring Bollywood’s best-known actors in memorable comic roles. All of the films are available for online viewing on various Hindi movie websites.   

  1. “Dulha Dulhan.” “Dulha Dulhan” is a funny 1964 comedy. The family drama centers on a marriageable young woman whose parents try to pressure her into marrying a wealthy man. The film stars Sadhana Shivdasani, Agha, and legendary Raj Kapoor, known for his contributions to Hindi cinema.

  2. “Ram Aur Shyam.” “Ram Aur Shyam” is a 1967 Hindi comedy. It follows twins, separated at birth, who later exchange places to teach a villain a lesson. This Filmfare Award-winning film stars Dilip Kumar in a dual role. Waheeda Rehman and Mumtaz are his co-stars.

  3. “Guddi.” “Guddi” is a 1971 comedy about a school girl obsessed with Bollywood movies. Many famous Bollywood actors made guest appearances as themselves, including Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, and Om Prakash. Jaya Bhaduri, who married Bachchan, had the title role. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 for her role in Hindi cinema.

  4. “Manchali.” “Manchali” is a 1973 romantic comedy starring Sanjeev Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, and Nazima. It tells of a spoiled rich girl, happily single, who hires a husband in order to inherit her late father’s money. The film is a Hindi makeover of Shakespeare’s “The Taming Of The Shrew.”

  5. “Chhoti Si Baat.” “Chhoti Si Baat” is a 1975 romantic comedy whose title means “Small Talk” in Hindi. The story revolves around a shy accountant who turns to love coaching to win the love of an attractive young woman. Considered one of the funniest Hindi movies of the 1970s, the film stars Ashok Kumar, Vidya Sinha, and Amol Palekar.

  6. “Dillagi.” “Dillagi” is a 1978 romantic comedy based on a Bengali novel by Bimal Kar. It tells of a Sanskrit teacher in an all-girl’s school who falls in love with the chemistry teacher and tries to win her over. Dharmendra, Hema Malini, and Mithu Mukherjee star in this hilarious Hindi film.

  7. “Jhoota Kahin Ka.” “Jhoota Kahin Ka” is a 1979 Hindi comedy about two brothers, separated as children in a shipwreck. Years later, they have a fallout with each other, no knowing they are brothers, with one plotting to frame the other for murder. Vikas Anand, Indira Bansal, and Master Bhagwan star in the film.

  8. “Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi.” “Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi” is a 1979 Bollywood comedy starring Amol Palekar, Ranjeeta Kaur, and Ashok Saraf. The sweet comic drama centers on a hopeless hypochondriac who overhears his doctor talking about a terminally ill man. Assuming he is going to die, the man arranges to find a new husband for his wife so she won’t be alone when he is gone. 

  9. “Khatta Meetha.” “Khatta Meetha” is a funny 1981 family drama about an Indian factory worker with four sons who marries a middle-aged woman with three children of her own. Loosely based on Lucille Ball’s 1968 comedy, “Yours, Mine, And Ours,” this Hindi film stars Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, and Bindiya Goswami.

  10. “Bahurani.” “Bahurani” is a 1989 Bollywood movie starring Rakesh Roshan and Rekha. The romantic comedy focuses on a big city boy who reluctantly marries a village girl, at the urging of his parents. When he tries to leave his bride on the pretext that her dowry is not genuine, the bride and her brother try to prove that she can, indeed, be a big city girl.

-Annette Smith